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Writing May Be Lonely, But You Are Never Alone.

The above book was written by a Cuban writer named Marie Rojas Tomayo.

It is written in Spanish, there are no English translations. I got to know the author through daily interactions within the Twitter Writers Group. The short version of the story is the recording of an intense conversation that occurs among God, the Devil and Death, during which no one dies. The lawyer in me was jealous to not be invited into that conversation. Despite the fact that I could never read it, I decided that I wanted to get an inscribed copy for the MOS Literary Bookshelf.

The problem was that, given the country she lived in, there was no way I could get a copy of the book to her for inscription, or back to me once she had done so. As she explained to me, if I mailed it, it would disappear en route.

So Marie decided to write the inscription, along with some accompanying drawings, and send it to me via email. I got that yesterday, and after I included my own explanatory inscription opposite hers, which I glued inside the front cover, to establish the chain of title,

I dropped it by MOS for its installation on the Literary Bookshelf.

That’s Jen, the assistant manager. Welcome to the club MRT. Where there is a will, there is a way.

As an added bonus to this backstory, I found out yesterday, after Marie read my inscription, that it turns out that Marie’s adopted father was a friend of Earnest Hemingway back in Cuba, so I now feel like I just engaged in six-degrees-of-separation with Pappa himself. Truly a small world, literally and literarily.

Lonnie is definitely going to have to extend that shelf now, as I expect a few more inscribed donations in the near future.

One of those will be the collection’s first Childrens Book, Hope & Fortune, by my dear friend Marissa Banez.

After I had purchased my own copy, Marissa informed me that she was sending me two inscribed copies, one for me and one for the MOS Bookshelf.

She instructed me to donate my copy to my local Library. A worthy solution. I love libraries.

So, as with dealing with all women, I did as instructed.

That’s Sarah M, who also hosted the TWA Book Club experience. Hi Sarah.

But before I handed it over, I created the provenance on the back cover.

So, I’m looking forward to adding Marissa’s book to the MOS Literary Shelf, which will be the first Phillipine born author appearing there. This is becoming a truly international installation.

And remember, if anyone wants to peruse the books that are there, they just need to belly up to the MOS bar at any time, order there favorite drink, and dig in. Get as far as you can during your time there, and then order your own copy from Amazon and finish at your leisure. Holding a copy of a book that was once held by the author, adds to the experience. Again, six-degrees-of-separation.

So the lesson I have learned these past few years are that you should always extend yourself to support other writers. Because writing is a lonely endeavor, but it does not mean you are alone.

On that note, I must get moving.

But first, a kitty to cuddle and rounds to make.

And then torture. But the good news on that last point, is that the treadmill is actually good for my creativity.

So, my fine, five readers, the more miles I regularly log on that infernal machine, the more interesting my writing will become. Wish me luck, as I still have the sequel – Where The Ley Lines Meet – to write this summer.

Speaking of moving feet, you all go out there and have your dance with Thursday, knowing you’ll be dreaming about Friday the entire song.

And most of all, have a great day.

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