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Whimsy Can Be Dark

I enjoy whimsy. It stirs the imagination.

And as I am very visual, I like to see visual cues of whimsy all around me.

That above gate leads me from the front of the property into the JTS grotto. JTS stands tall and vigilant.

You can see the faeries and other whimsical items along the fence.

I rarely use that gate. I keep it chained. I don’t want to chance leaving it open so the dogs or mules can get out. I usually walk to the left of that photo, in through another gate and then into the side or back of the house. That is how my dogs travel as well. That allows them the freedom to roam with the mules to the four corners of Casa Claire. Blue, my Bronx Pitty, being black as pitch, is very hard to spot in the dark.

I usually enter the grotto from the front door or driveway. The dogs will sometimes sneak out into the grotto just to gobble up the cat food.

I call that rose bush Morticia Addams, as it rarely gives me actual roses, but it has great thorns.

And while I have lots of tiny dragons keeping an eye on the place, I also have my bouncer, Draco.

As I explained to my granddaughters, my statuary remains stationary until I need them to be otherwise.

They understood that.

If you come in from the driveway, you’ll see other whimsical items, like my interesting weathervanes,

They keep an eye on all four compass points.

You’ll also meet Henri, my French lion, who keeps an eye on everyone who comes down my driveway. He also protects the feral cats.

But when all else fails, my fey creatures know I have their back.

Trust, but verify.

I may now live among the Fae, and other mystical creatures, but I grew up in the Bronx.

So, while my home remains warm and welcoming to the curious, to fans of Claire, and to all other invitees, to those that come with ulterior, darker motives, if the gnomes don’t get you . . . .

And if you come in the back way, well, there’s always Claire to deal with. She’s a great judge of character. She’s also very protective of her family at Casa Claire.

So I sleep peacefully, if only briefly, each night. And I move around the property in the dark without a care in the world. Me, Blue, Claire, the Fae and dragons.

And don’t forget JTS.

Well, today is Saturday, and, along with my other chores, I have to see to Claire & Honey’s mani-pedis.

So I better get moving. Cuddle and rounds.

I’m also looking forward to reading a publisher’s galley of Theresa Daly’s latest book of poetry some time this weekend. Terry, always the poet, was the first person in Riverdale to read Ode To Murray Collins. That was back in the 70s. She is a natural talent. A Celtic Bard.

You fine, five readers make the most of your weekend. Chores then enjoyment.

Maybe read a book if you are at loose ends.

But most of all remember. Make today a great one.

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  1. Of all the protectors you’ve listed,
    And all whose photos you post,
    You know yourself who tops them all —
    It’s Lisa who I fear the most!

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