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Welcome Oz Man Monty Dwyer To The MOS Literary Bookshelf

One of the benefits of Luke moving to Oz, is that he is meeting new Aussie writers like Monty Dwyer, who is quite the character.

You can order Monty’s books from his website.

Anyway, Luke got Monty to sign a copy of one of his books, and forwarded it to me to install in the MOS Literary Bookshelf, which Jen had the honor of doing yesterday. Thank you Monty.

Although it seems like Monty’s Aussi personality is so big that his book stretched the shelf to its capacity, upsetting the gargoyles, the keepers of the library, so that Lonnie Bell will now need to extend its shelf length or start adding new shelves above.

Nice catch Jen!

That is a good thing. It means that the MOS Literary Bookshelf is taking on a life of its own, with inscribing contributors adding to the collection from Australia, Canada, England and all parts of the US. I am also working on obtaining a fantasy trilogy from a wonderful writer from India. So stay tuned.

Of course, any writer who would like to join the party needs only to send a copy of their book(s) inscribed to Lonnie Bell at Mike O’Shay’s:

Mike O’Shays Restaurant & Ale House

512 Main Street

Longmont, Colorado 80501

(303) 772-0252

Other than that, the good news is that the nicer weather returned to Berthoud so Claire and Honey enjoyed their outdoor meandering about the property.

There was a little excitement later in the afternoon when Lisa and I had to play Ringolevio to catch Honey, who had somehow trapped her right back leg in the understraps of her coat. It was restricting her movements and could not have been comfortable. I tried to do it myself, but Honey wasn’t having it. Finally, Claire stepped in and told me I should wait for Lisa to return from work.

I always do what Claire tells me.

You don’t want to chase mules through the snow because you don’t want to risk them slipping and injuring themselves or, the more likely outcome, you falling on your ass, no pun intended. But by bribing Claire with some carrots we got her to allow us to halter and tie her to the fence, and then Lisa was able to get Honey to stand still by her buddy long enough for Lisa to get a harness on her. That gave me a chance to undue all of Honey’s belts and reset and tighten them properly. Afterwards, Honey was happy to be able to move without restriction.

Well last night was the first of the three days of the aptly titled Snow Moon

so I had my candles burning.

So far, so good.

Thanks Ma.

Well, no rest for the wicked.

Saturday with her indoor and outdoor chores beckons. Hopefully it won’t be too arduous.

But first, some kitty cuddles, my rounds and some torture.

You fine, five readers go take care of your errands. But find some time for yourselves. You’ve earned it.

And most of all, make today a great one.

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