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Watching Your 6

Claire and Honey spend most of their days just moving around to the various sections of my property, snoozing and grazing, and often extorting protection carrots.

But when the situation calls for protection, Claire does not play. So the carrot “insurance” always pays off.

Yesterday, I spotted this group of workers out back, working on the sewer just above the far side of the gully. We never see anyone other than the neighbors back there. I watched them for a moment to see that they were putting some cable, possibly a camera, down the sewer. Given that I was a bit bored, I watched longer than I would have normally. Maybe they were hiding treasure. Or a body.

Then I spotted Claire racing towards the fence line.

I have seen her guard posture many times when there are coyotes in the area. She puffs up her chest and snorts like a bull, and then races along the fence line with her eyes on the potential threat. That’s what she did yesterday. She makes quite an audible sound.

Every one of the workers stopped what they were doing at her approach to measure whether they were going to have a problem. Fight or flight. I was waiting to see if they all hopped back into the truck.

Luckily, Claire is quick to analyze the application of her situational awareness, and once she determined these guys were no threat, she ambled back over to Honey and they resumed grazing.

It was from watching her various guard duty performances that I came up with her action scenes in TWA and KMAG. She’s really a sweetheart and I’ve left my granddaughters playing along side her, knowing they were safe on so many levels. .

But it’s always good to know that come go time, Claire has my 6.

Anyway, speaking of a clock face, it is time to wrap this up and get moving towards the day.

But first, a kitty cuddle, my rounds and some torture.

But you fine, five readers go on out there looking your best. There are bound to be holiday parties to attend.

And no matter what else happens, make today a great one.

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  1. I really wish I could meet Claire in person, she comes across as magnificent animal. Her protective instinct and her love, especially of you, are certainly worth writing about and sharing. I absolutely fell in love with her in TCT. But I grow to be more amazed and appreciate her and her beauty more because of your writing and pics in your blog.

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