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Truly Blessed – Thanks For The Magic Blurbs Colin

I’ve mentioned many times in the past that along with magic comes superstition. And I am one superstitious Celt.

So, many of you have noticed the “Grisham on Mushrooms” blurb on the cover of TWA. That was the brainchild of my dear friend, the marvelously talented writer and film maker, Colin Broderick. and (can you believe it, he’s got a Wikipedia page, lol).

Now Colin’s blurb for TWA was totally unsolicited. I had asked him to read it to see if it was any good. That blurb was in his responsive email. It was magic.

When I asked him to read Finding Jimmy Moran, the same thing happened. I din’t want to bother him for a blurb, because the man is busy as hell with all of his projects and his young family. But lo and behold, his responsive email mentioned the iconic Phillipe Petit. Given PP’s eternal tie to the WTC, at the time when FJM occurs, I knew Colin had struck lightening again.

I knew I had my cover blurb.

So, the Celt in me is not surprised that Colin’s second blessing has allowed FJM to reap this wonderful reward.

Thank you Colin. You are my brother and mentor. Love ya.

So, there is magic in the world, if you just believe.

Well, today I have to make inroads on a motion I’m working on, so I cannot delay.

I must get to my kitty cuddling, rounds and dreadmill.

Then work.

You fine, five readers go out and use your Thursday wisely.

With any luck, that will leave Friday wide open.

But don’t forget to make today a great one.

Oh, and Good Luck Joe. See you on the other side.

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  1. I agree with you. Since my dad passed away our family has heard from some superstar people in the world. Lots of art collectors. Mom has told them all no until we get our pick of what we want. Dad wanted it that way. Everyone who knew dad loved him. I’m talking billionaires. I bet you know some of the same people he did. I have to toot his horn because he never did. Then mom is going to sale their big gorgeous house and move into a retirement place. Dad will be cremated. Then a family gathering sometime to talk about all the good times. Don’t worry I will be bringing up the Brahma bull story. Can’t help myself. You have a great day also with your motion or movement thingy. 🙂

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