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Time Slows Down If You Let It

Yesterday, I was in a mild panic sitting here wondering how I was going to get to everything I needed to. The Universe must have been listening, because it turned out I found the time to get everything done and then some.

My dread-mill didn’t kill me so I got to my weekly veggie/fruit prep. Claire and Honey spent a lot of the morning out front grazing and nuzzling (above) and the rest of the time sleeping out back,

so, without their constant demand of a carrot tithe, my normally 3 hour prep time was reduced by a third.

And after that there seemed to be less shit to shovel.

And I really wanted to get to read Ivy Logan’s latest book, Redemption, which I promised to do. My tired eyes had only been able to get through the first 50 pages at night during this past week. Voila, my fresh pair of eyes not only got to it, but finished it. It is the next installment in her Breach Chronicles Series –

Really enjoyed it and provided Ivy a blurb saying so. So, if you are into fantasy, keep your eyes out for it. Indeed, read the series.

And while I was reading the book, I got a load of laundry washed, dried and folded (which was a must, as I was down to my last pair of briefs).

So, maybe I’m on a roll. Let’s see how I do today.

Claire and Honey get their mani-pedis this morning so a game of Ringolevio is first on the menu.

But you fine, five readers should use today to rest. God said so.

Don’t piss her off. Read a book. Call a friend.

I’m about to head off for my kitty cuddle, my rounds and then the dread-mill.

And that’s okay, even if I will never get thinner.

But no matter what we have in our respective hand of cards to be played,

let’s make today a great one.

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  1. Good morning! Today’s blog is very motivational. So as I drink my coffee and read my emails and newspaper I’ve decided I’ll go to 10am mass instead of noon. I’ll get some errands done and meet up with friends this afternoon, then I will be home at a reasonable hour for dinner with my roommate. Thanks for the motivation.
    I hope Ringolevio doesn’t last to long but I hear Honey is very good at it.😂

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