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The Little Things

Most of the people I’ve met in NoCo are really nice. Denie, above, is a Longmont Walmart greeter who I’ve become acquainted with because she always opens up the store on those early mornings when I drop Lisa off at work and scoop up some groceries before heading back home. When you live miles away from something, you like to kill as many birds with one stone, or in this case, one car trip, rather than piss away the very expensive gas coming back to buy equally expensive groceries. And I needed to get the weekly provisions in because I had to do my weekly fruit and veggie prep this weekend.

I figured I would do the prep yesterday, and make my weekly mess of things, rather than clean first and then immediately mess up the kitchenette with the prep. I am like Pig-Pen. I’m actually just hoping that the elves take pity on my and do the cleaning for me. Or maybe that milk truck would get me before I had to do the cleaning.

Now Denie always chats with me as I do my checking out at the self check out section which is right by her spot by the entrance. Through these chats, I’ve gotten to learn bits and pieces of her world as a mother and grandmother. She’s a good person, hasn’t had it easy, and is still hustling. I respect that.

Denie knows I’m a writer and knows I care for Claire & Honey, so she is used to me walking out of the store with my shopping cart packed to the brim with carrots, apples and celery. She always asks about the well being of the animals.

She’s a good person.

So, yesterday, after I got done with my rounds and unpacked the car of groceries, I grabbed a copy of TWA and drove back to Walmart, inscribed the book and gave it to Denie. I know she likes to read. I know she’ll enjoy this story about Claire.

She was thrilled.

It’s the little things that make each day special.

Back at Casa Claire, I emptied the last of a bottle of Mark & Sara’s Honey for the local wasp population and left the open bottle out for them to forage. They did.

I don’t know how much longer they will last into the fall, but if I can do this little something to make their remaining days a little better, a final party so to speak, what the hell.

And I like the cosmic connection I’m making between them and the family’s east coast bees.

Well, its time to run and do my kitty cuddling and rounds. Then the cleaning nightmare.

No more excuses.

I got through half the publisher’s suggested edits yesterday.

Should finish up today.

Then off to the inner circle for one final read through.

But you fine, five readers enjoy your day of rest. Watch some football, read a book.

But most of all, appreciate the little things, and make today a great one.

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