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The Independence Gallery

The Independence Gallery is a wonderful art gallery in downtown Loveland, Colorado.

It is owned an operated by a gifted and talented NoCo artist named Billie Colson.

Billie is a great friend, and she hosts a number of respected Colorado artists in her gallery. The Independence gallery is the cultural epicenter of Loveland. There are a couple of other very fine galleries in the downtown area of Loveland. It’s a great little town to spend a day. It has a couple of curiosity shops (which I love), and has some great restaurants.

Lisa loves the idea of supporting local artists, and has purchased a few of Billie’s works. Two smaller paintings as gifts for family and one hangs in our home.

Lisa purchased this cute painting for Mark & Sara, the family beekeepers.

It’s a surprise, and going into the mail Monday morning. But since my children don’t read my blogs (or my books) I can post this with impunity.

I don’t have the nerve to buy art. Being interestingly colorblind makes it a little challenging. I also lean in heavily towards the eclectic. So Lisa hates my aesthetic vision.

But Lisa is daring and once she sees something she likes, she’ll keep going back to look at it until she finally pulls the trigger. Lisa’s most recent acquisition was this not so little number.

Which was painted by a talented Denver based artist named CC Opelia.

I’m hoping that Lisa has the instincts of Gertrude Stein & Alice B. Toklas (combined), and that CC O is the next Matisse. Maybe Casa Claire will be converted into a Literary Salon. May Lisa’s support of artists invoke the spirits of Hemingway, Fitzgerald, and Wilder in our humble abode. Fingers crossed.

Well, I have chores to do and critters to care for, including cuddling a kitty. I better get to it.

You fine, (maybe) five readers follow God’s example and make this a day of rest. Pick up a book. Reread your favorite series before football pre-season begins.

Go browse a gallery.

But whatever you do, make today a great one.

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  1. Your kids don’t read your books?? Very nice paintings. Lisa has great taste. Acrylic paintings are so easy to hang. A new table, new chairs and now a new painting. Spending spree. I do the same. You can’t take it with you so spend it.

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