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Along with my magic mule, Claire, I have been blessed with a wonderful spouse, family, friends (fur and flesh) and a wonderful life.

They have given me lots of creative fodder for my fiction – and it is all fiction 馃槈 – and they continue to provide me with lots of new material on a daily basis that goes into the writing of these stories (and blogs).

I love back stories.

So here’s one. You may want to make yourself comfortable.

First, let me repeat. I am not Jimmy Moran. I have none of his gifts. He is completely fictional. So is his story. Every bit of it. I swear it. Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa . . . .

I refer you all to to the admonition in Shakespeare’s Hamlet, Act III, Scene ii. Too much, indeed.

Now that the legal disclaimer is out of the way. . . .

I created the magnificent cover for Finding Jimmy Moran with my go-to graphic designer (and friend), Richard Lamb –

I highly recommend Richard’s work – he is also a wonderful writer, editor, graphic designer and web designer – and he is the legacy of a British horror story icon, Hugh Lamb –

Here’s Richard with his dad:

Richard is also the (now US Citizen – congrats) partner of a wonderful writer – Margaret Reyes Dempsey (“Mind Games”) – great book – she is a much better writer than I am. I highly recommend her book.

So, if you are a writer and enjoy my book covers, next time you are creating and need that killer cover, give Richard “a bell” (or “call” if you are a Yank).

Anyway, the last thing Richard and I added to that cover were the eyes right there with the title. Now these eyes play an important part in the novel. So, pay attention when you read it – if you have been reading my blogs I know you are definitely going to want to read FJM.

My old friend – he is indeed old and a dear friend – Joe Serrano – a founding member of the OFC, who has previously made his appearance in KMAG as one of the cool bad guys – he has a great line – also gets resurrected under a different name in FJM. If I didn’t grow up with Joe, I wouldn’t have had anything to write about. I mean that. Known him forever. That’s Joe, above.

Anyway, Joe and Lenny (a central character in TCT, and also a central character in FJM – under a new name)

Lenny with his magic staff. No, not that one.

were two of the OFC who vetted FJM during its creation. I stole a lot from Lenny’s personality and life for those novels. Truth is far more interesting than fiction. Both Joe and Lenny (and everyone else that appear as characters – even the dead ones), know where the skeletons are buried. So it was important that they read and approve the draft. Kind of like the mafia (isn’t that right, __).

Eileen C, below,

also contributed to the creative process as one of the inner circle (along with Anna Hillman and Yvette Benson) who tortured, cajoled and contributed to the editing process in real time. She also was around for most of – and instigated/contributed to much of – the craziness of our youth. Her older brother, Denis “Murray” Collins (RIP), is another central character woven into the story (her many sisters all appear as gnomes in KMAG and maybe a couple at an iconic NYE party in FJM). Eileen (who appears under her real name as a main character in KMAG) is the basis for maybe the most iconic character in FJM. What can I say, she played to type, and has broken many . . . . hearts.

Now, as I said, Joe has read (and lived) FJM, so he has had an insider’s view of which character those eyes might really belong to (assuming, arguendo, they really belong to anyone).

So, just for fun, I ask any of my readers who may read FJM, once it is finally available to the public, who think they can figure it all out, to send me your thoughts and a photo like Joe above. Just your eyes above the eyes on the book cover. You can send it to me at this website – – with your take on the issue. A couple of my inner circle, who received early author copies for their selfless contributions to the creation process, have already sent me their photos, and their thoughts.

Here’s Anna Hillman:

And here is Renee Clarke.

I would appreciate it if anyone else who has received an early copy, joins the party. The rest can participate whenever the paperback book is available.

As more photos arrive from the general public, I’ll figure a way to create a “FJM Eyes” gallery on one of these pages to this website and include them all. So don’t be shy. Give me your best photo and guess in that email. But please don’t share anything with the public (especially in the comments to this blog). Ruins the fun.

And life is all about the fun. Right Jimmy?

Anyway, there’s a little backstory to TCT and FJM. Hope you enjoyed it.

If you haven’t checked out any of the Claire inspired books, you can find them below.

Well, it’s Saturday, and I have a lot of Claire & Honey related chores to attend to.

But first a kitty cuddle, my rounds and some torture.

It’s a balmy 12 degrees out there, but at least there’s no snow.

You fine, five readers get that to-do (or honey-do) list taken care of. Then join in some Christmas season festivity. T’is the season.

But most of all, have a great day.

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  1. I still can’t get on your new blog list. Any help for me? I resigned up on the new site and….nothing. I refer back to you explaining to me how your IT guy didn’t quite get everyone email a while back to get the new blogs. Help??

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