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Thanks Riverdale – You Rock – Hey Stein

Everyone who has read the author’s version of Finding Jimmy Moran (and a few who have read the Kindle version in the past few days) knows it is set in my home town of Riverdale. Now, I haven’t been back there since I left in the middle of the night in 2017, but I miss it everyday. I really miss the Italian food in Dinos, which basically fed the McCaffrey Clan forever. Hey guys, do you still deliver?

I would kill for a Ziti Parmigiana.

Anyway, when BRW was about to go live with FJM, I was texting with my dear friend and extremely powerful and gifted psychic, Kim Russo, and she said she was going to post something on her FB page.

This is her main webpage.

She told me to friend her on FB and she’d send me something. I told her I wasn’t on FB.

“You have to get on Face Book!”

Now, I’m really good at taking orders from women. Especially pretty Italian women. But when you add that this particular woman is Kim Russo, I don’t even try to argue. And I’m a fucking lawyer.

So I fumbled my way onto FB and of course completely screwed it up about 10 times before I finally went live. I am really a pathetic Luddite. But anyway, I got it going on the 13th drop day and in full swing yesterday. I’m still finding my way so if any of you reached out to me, I’m trying to find you all.

Anyway, everybody in Riverdale is on FB. I’m surprised my Mom isn’t dialing in from heaven.

But it’s been awesome because I’m suddenly back in contact with a lot of the people who have formed the basis for some of the characters and most of the stories. And it has been great catching up with everybody. And they all look better than me, so I better keep hiding behind Claire in my photos.

But anyway, the Riverdalians are a tremendous bunch of people, and I can only assume that they have all come out and supported my books because TWA has been holding at #1 Bestseller and FJM has held at #1 New Release. My books normally don’t sit too long in the top spots – given that the Amazon metrics change hourly – but we are now over 24 hours hanging tough. So thank you Riverdale. You da best.

My Twitter friends have also come out full force, and I thank them as well.

Now, I’m going to impose on my Riverdalians just a little bit more. If you happen to buy the paperback version of FJM, please do me a favor and snap a photo like Stein below and send it into this website at

If you go back and check a few days back in the blog, you’ll see that a lot of the people who got the authors copies did that for me. And I’m turning it into a marketing campaign. The eyes play a big role in the story so I want people to also try and guess who the basis for the muse is in the story. That’s her eyes. Every character in The Claire Trilogy and Finding Jimmy Moran has a real life counterpart. But if you guess, do it in the email and don’t post it in the comments here or on my Twitter or Facebook pages. I want to make this interesting. If you get it right, I’ll let you know. And maybe, if she sees this, she’ll send in her eyes photo. If that happens, I’ll post it, but I still won’t name her, unless she says to do it. Let’s see just how far the Riverdale reach extends.

Feel free to guess at the other characters. There’s a bunch of them. Some I’ve used their actual names, so its easy. Others are loosely disguised. Most of the inner crew – the Old Fucker Club – had their names changed only because I used them already in The Claire Trilogy. All the bad guys in KMAG are named Riverdalians. Except Eileen Cotto, she’s a good guy.

Anyway, let’s see how playful my Riverdalians still are. And if you drop me an email, let’s catchup. I’ll answer any questions posed to me. And don’t be shy.

Well, I now have my weekly veggie prep to deal with. Tomorrow will be the outdoor chores.

But I really hope you all enjoy my books. They were written for shits and giggles.

So you fine, five readers are all probably out and about, so I hope you have a wonderful Saturday.

And make today a great one.

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  1. Long may you (& Lisa & Claire & Blue….) run, Tommy… Enjoying all scribbed patter …. across all media..
    .. and a few decades.☘️

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