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Thank You Kerry Fryar Freeman

Kerry is not only a wonderful writer, whose first book, Sedona, will be published soon (I’ve read the manuscript and highly recommend it), but she also provides a wonderful service – free of charge – called Books & Bevies. I met Kerry on Twitter and when I saw what she does, asked her to try her hand with my first book, TWA. She posted this about a year ago.

The original post has been deleted but luckily I kept the text. Lenny set up and had that shot taken for me I believe at An Beal Bocht Cafe in the Bronx.

ABB is an Irish Mecca for literary types. Macallan was the prominent alcholic beverage in The Claire Trilogy.

I hope to do a reading at ABB before I die.

Anyway, Lenny has been one of my BFF since high school and was the basis for the cool character of the same name in The Claire Trilogy.

When I saw how well that shot turned out, and the positive reception it received, I knew I woud be back at Kerry’s B&B when the appropriate opportunity arose. You see, Kerry has been full on booked with these blogs since it kicked off, so you did not want to go to the well too often.

But I knew I wanted a similar opportunity when it came to Finding Jimmy Moran. This was a new leg of TCT, a prequel. It needed that added boost to launch it into the stratosphere with the rest of the Claire Chronicles.

Now you fine, five readers have seen my earlier blogs where I talk about Kyle Dooley, how we met, and how we became friends. Kyle knows my stories better than I do.

So when I was writing FJM, I asked Kyle if he would like to appear as a character. He was thrilled, and so Kyle Dooley, the Hells Kitchen bartender was born. He appears in the cool cross-over chapter with Jimmy and Madison Taylor, from Passport To Terror.

He serves Jimmy Bushmills. That fine Irish Whiskey.

He was perfect to be the face of FJM.

So we took the shot at Mike O’Shay’s (that’s the MOS Literary Bookshelf in the back of the photo) and it turned out perfect.

Well yesterday Kerry posted the blog and it too was perfect. Thank you Kerry. Good luck with Sedona.

But the added icing on the cupcake, was that Bushmills USA spotted the blog and reposted it.

It doesn’t get any better than this.

There is magic in the world.

So thank you Kerry F Freeman, Mark Lenahan and Kyle Dooley.

And Bushmills.

You have all made this old bastard’s life much more interesting and fun, and we are all woven together into this tapestry of The Claire Chronicles.

Wait, I have to mention that Kerry also posted a wonderful blog for Luke’s Book Lebanon Red:

Kerry is amazing.

Well, the dawn approaches and I need to flee.

You fine, five readers get kicking. It’s Tuesday. The worst is over.

I need to see to a kitty cuddle, my rounds and the dreadmill. Then reality.

But you fine five folks, make today a great one.

And spread the word that The Claire Trilogy on Kindle is now packaged at a discounted box set, so there is no excuse for friends and family to not read it before FJM drops on April 13th. Thanks for the support

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  1. Johnny. You are da man. Now all I need you to do is read the Author’s copy of FJM I gave you at least as far as to where your name appears in the Gaelic Park section. Yes, that character is you.

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