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Ten Days Out – Thank You Lucian Bear

With 10 days to go I figured I’d work some blood family into the “eyes” mix.

The top photo is of my only grandson, Lucian Mattiace. I base the Lucian character in The Claire Trilogy on him. Loved that character, and the kid behind it. I’m going to bring him back in the sequel – as a man – in Where The Ley Lines Meet.

Directly above are “eyes” photos of my daughter, Jackie, Lucian’s mom, and Zach, his stepdad. Jackie’s eyes are pretty remarkable. Another one with the gift. I think the world of Z as well, so I added him as a minor character in FJM.

People have asked me why I didn’t add my three kids into The Claire Trilogy. Truth is, when I was writing it, I knew I couldn’t bring myself to kill them off, even in fiction. And I needed to have it so that Jimmy and Gina traveled alone.

I also needed the story line of their being unable to conceive, to create the plot lines for Stella and Apollo, and I didn’t want this turning into The Brady Bunch. So sorry Luke, Jackie and Mark. I’ll see what I can do in the sequel.

My brothers, on the other hand, were easy-peasy. We’ve been trying to kill each other our entire lives. I just got there first. But I dragged them all back out for Finding Jimmy Moran. They were a pisser to grow up with. Real characters. Love you guys.

I couldn’t kill my sister in TCT either, we are incredibly close. She has lived a big chunk of her adult life overseas, so I kept her there. She’s as mystical as I am. Another storyteller. In the fae. Jackie’s mentor. She plays a big role in FJM as well. And I love her spouse, b. Actually officiated their wedding. That’s right, if you check that huge book in the NYC records office in Manhattan, I am registered with the City of New York as an ordained Minister. Go figure.

Well, it’s Monday again, so I need to turn back into a lawyer.

You fine, five readers have that second cup of coffee and start your commute.

If you are taking public transportation, can I recommend you give TCT another read during your commute.

It’s a great way to kill the time and people around you will be wondering what you are laughing at.

No better way to spread the word than through contact laughter.

But whatever you do, let’s get past today safely.

And make it a great one.

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