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Spring Snow Sucks

This is one of those days where snow really sucks.

Normally I do my outdoor cleanup on my weekends, and this weather freezes the muffins to the ground. Prying them loose is hard work. My arms ache. My back aches. My hands freeze. Nevermind the schrapnel I catch when the piles explode airborne when the really stubborn piles finally give way to the pitchfork.

On top of that, today my mules get their mani-pedis. And Lisa is working, so I’m flying solo in this game of Ringolevio. And it’s in the snow, so I have to be really careful that I don’t do anything to make them slip. That means I have to out think them.

Now I always thought I was a pretty smart guy, but dealing with Claire has truly humbled me. She can easily make me look foolish, which is only made worse by Honey’s Mutley laugh, especially when I slip on my ass.

So I’m not looking forward to today’s events.

You would think that Claire would cut me some slack after all of the adventures we have shared. But she is a stickler for the rules on Casa Claire. As Claire explained it, while we are on the clock, we have our roles.

In the game of Ringolevio, we are on the clock, and I am the wolf. I don’t win.

Well, the good news – about being mildly insane – is that one continues to engage in same act and expect a different outcome. So maybe they’ll both walk up to me with their halters in their mouths like compliant dogs. Wish me luck.

Smokey the cat never lets a little snow make my cuddling any harder.

I still have all of the other wonderful weekend tasks I need to get to, so I better hop on it.

You fine, five readers go take care of your weekend errands and then put your feet up.

But no matter what is out there on our to do list, let’s make today a great one.

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