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Someone To Watch Over Me

The above was a screenshot taken from a Tik Tok posting of a video of me and Claire.  

I really suck at TikTok, and when I try post something it always disappears (from my reach) and I can never find it again. Like a message in a bottle.  Just my chronic Ludditis. 

But Joe Serrano, one of the OFC, found it and sent me this screenshot. This is Joe, below, who not only appears as a bad guy in KMAG, but also appears as himself under the name Joe Marrero, in Finding Jimmy Moran.

So I couldn’t be happier. If there was ever a moment that captures my relationship with the very real Claire the Mule, it’s the above moment.  I can completely relax with her and she always looks out for me. 

I tried to capture that feeling in Finding Jimmy Moran. While it tells the tale of Jimmy’s youth, the story is set way in the future, where Jimmy is recounting his early life to his two children, Stella and Apollo.  Claire, as always, is with Jimmy right up to the very end of the story.  She is his conscience. His caretaker. She never stops looking out for him. 

I am blessed by the real life loyalty, love and friendship of my crew from the OFC, and all of the other very real characters, living and dead, whose lives made it possible for me to write TCT and now FJM.  They are my past.  We had one hell of a childhood together. I could only capture a fraction of that in the book, but I’ll be sure draw deeply from it in future endeavors. You cannot make that stuff up.  No one makes it to adulthood on their own. Riverdale (the Bronx) is indeed a magical place.  You write what you know. 

I am equally blessed by my present.  By Claire constantly making my life magical. By her daily real and creative nurturing. By her inspiration. I tried to capture that relationship in the form of Jimmy and Claire in The Claire Trilogy.  Claire made that easy.

Well, it’s Monday so I have to return to reality.  But Claire’s numerous intercessions throughout my day will remind me that there is magic in the world.    

But first, a kitty cuddle, some rounds and some torture. 

The rest of you fine, five readers, have that extra cup of coffee.  Take that last deep breath, and then go out there and kick Monday’s ass. 

I’ll see you all on the other side.

And make today a great one. 

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