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Snow Moon Reflections

Lisa and I started the day with a trip to Ft. Collins for veggie breakfast burritos and giant lattes at The Alley Cat Cafe. I’m telling you, I love watching the college students there – so confident, so passionate, so young. Like a vampire, I draw from the excess of the abundant energy that just spills out of them.

They think they’ve got it all figured out. God bless them.

Not one of them has a clue of what life has in store for them. Humans plan, God laughs.

And that’s really okay. That’s the adventure of life.

The more resilient will figure it out as they go along.

Some will just succeed at everything right out of the gate, as if they paid all their dues in a past life. Others won’t succeed right away, but they’ll adapt.

Some will crash and burn. A short story, not a novel. Maybe only a tragic poem.

But most will survive those crashes. Find their story.

Some will walk away from life’s crashes unscathed and go right back out there to do the same thing again and again. Won’t seem fair, especially to others in the encounters that may be injured. But Karma has a way of balancing things out.

Others will survive those crashes with scars. It may take them a little while to heal and get back out there. But they’ll do it. And they’ll be stronger from their mending, and probably a little wiser. The wisest of them, once recovered, will reinvent themselves and try something new, and keep doing that until they find just the right fit, whether it be a job or a relationship.

Again, this is all part of the adventure. We are here to experience life. No promised outcomes, just opportunities. Sometimes the latter is hard to find, but you must keep looking. And when you do find one, don’t waste it.

I said a little prayer that, no matter what is out there for them all, none of them ever suffer lives of quiet desperation.” (HDT). Because that truly would be a tragedy.

But enough of my philosophy, Horatio. Dung awaits.

When we got back to Casa Claire, because of the unusually warm weather, I had shit to shovel, and troughs to refill. And then I ran out of Claire and Honey’s alfalfa pellets, so that meant a supply run to Murdochs, in Longmont. I also was out of votive candles, so I stopped at Walmarts and picked some up along the way.

While I was gone, Lisa kept an eye on things.

Claire and Honey patiently filled their time while they waited for my return.

First they snacked on carrots under the deck.

Then Honey spotted the open door to the workshop and went over to see what was going on. Curiosity may not be kind to felines, but it will never kill a mule.
Turns out, it was just Blue putting away some tools.
And finally, Claire had her well earned siesta while Honey stood guard. To give Claire her due, she always takes the night watch while Honey gets her beauty sleep.

But as soon as I was back and had placed an open bag of this magic alfalfa manna in the barn, Honey was on it.

Honey had had a busy day, worked hard and deserved her favorite treat.

So, as the day ended I dressed those votive candles with my sincerest incantations and desires, and set them out for the Snow Moon to consider. Celtic fingers crossed.

But today is a new day, and I still have some of the weekend chores to attend to.

Those carrots, apples and celery are not going to chop and bag themselves.

And I still have a little more shit to shovel.

Before I deal with that, I have a kitty to cuddle, rounds to make and torture to endure.

But you fine, five readers should take advantage of this day of rest, and with no football on the TV, pick up a book instead. Something magical, with a mule, perhaps.

No matter what else you have planned, most of all, make today a great one.

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  1. Billie!!! So happy you tuned in. For all of my other five readers, Billie is a talented Loveland Artist and friend and we have one of Billie’s originals hanging in our dining room.

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