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Shooting Stars – The Claire Saga – Make A Wish

This morning, I went out and sat beneath the night sky, sipped my coffee and looked for shooting stars to wish on. Tonight is the tail end of the most recent stretch of summer meteor showers, so I wanted to see if I could capture any stragglers. My iPhone is great for capturing relatively close photographs, so I took a chance and pointed it skyward towards the very bright stars I could see clearly with my eyes. It was a quiet moment that gave me what looks like the black screen above (I think if you give it the reverse pinch expansion you can actually see the stars). On my phone screen it is clearer, and when I enlarged it I spotted that one shooting star below in the lower right of the photo.

I didn’t see it with my own eye at that moment, but I call dibbs! I was staring skywards and clicked the photo button blindly at the moment it passed, and captured it. So, that counts in my book. I get the wish. And if any in the netherworld demands proof of my right to the wish, I now have photographic evidence.

So, Hollywood, come get the books. The series is complete. That is my intention. That is my wish.

I see now that BRW has honored my recent request and altered the reference on Amazon from The Claire Trilogy to The Claire Saga.

Now that the series has expanded beyond the first three books to include the prequel, Finding Jimmy Moran, and soon to include the sequel, Where The Ley Lines Meet, it needed a bigger reference. Of course, it makes marketing sense to still refer to the Box Set as the trilogy, but on the page for that discounted ebook set (a steal) it also mentions the trilogy being part of the saga. If you click on all of the individual book’s Amazon pages, you’ll now see the “saga” reference as well.

Saga seemed to fit the five book narrative, because it actually covers about 500 human years. And a whole lot of unexpected shit happens during that time.

Merriam-Webster’s dictionary refers to Saga as “a long detailed account” and “a dramatic and often complicated story or series of events.”

I know it seems anti intuitive, but to get the most out of The Claire Saga, the new reader should read The Wise Ass first, then An Alien Appeal, then Kissing My Ass Goodbye, then the prequel, Finding Jimmy Moran, and finally, Where The Ley Lines Meet, when it drops on June 27, 2024.

And while the books can be read individually, each as a stand alone, to get the most out of the The Claire Saga experience, on a purely emotional level, you should really read them in the above-mentioned order. Indeed, I would recommend re-reading the four books in that sequence again this fall, and then again in a binge read in the Spring of 2024. That way you’ll pick up all of the Easter eggs and nuances. You want to follow the story as the magical crew of misfits first start to build around the core of Jimmy, Gina and Claire, and if you read the prequel after the trilogy, you will have the road map and have been introduced to all of the characters that return in full glory for the big finale that takes place in Where The Ley Lines Meet.

The Claire Saga may seem like a simple narrative, but there’s a lot to unpack.

But the constant themes of family, love and loyalty are carried through from the beginning of TWA right to the end of WTLLM.

Is this fifth installment the end of The Claire Saga? It could be. If I get hit by a milk truck tomorrow (or abducted by aliens), my last conscious moments won’t be spent worrying that I haven’t completed this part of the story. My inner circle of readers have confirmed that I’ve taken the story where it needs to go.

But I have left a new story line. The continuation of the series is all tee’d up. So stay tuned.

Before I can consider moving forward with that, I need the help of my readers.

The backstory of The Claire Saga has evolved with the books themselves. With the publication of each book, more and more people have joined or rejoined my social circle to become part of the backstory. I’m really quite amazed at how there seems to be new parallels with each book.

I would like you all to become part of the backstory. One way is to start a buzz among family and friends about the story itself. Those that know me can try to figure out who is who when it comes to the characters, and what is based on reality (lots), as opposed to what is total fiction (little). Some answers are obvious, some less so. Those that know me only through my books, can figure out a lot of the back story and characters by reading my two years of blogs. I said in the very beginning of this journey that I am an open book. If you want to ask me any questions about any of the back story, blogs or characters, just drop me an email on this website. I’ll answer it as best I can, as long as you have read the books. You see, I don’t want some ivory tower college professor getting it all wrong after I’m dead. So you might as well hear it from the mule’s mouth.

Oh, and just to make sure there are reference points, in case I’m no longer around, I’ve given some of the inner circle a lot of the back story. They are all sworn to secrecy and cannot share what they know unless I am dead. Of course, anyone who has read the books, from cover to cover, or knows me on a personal level, will know who these close literary confidants are, but they are all vaults. They cannot be tempted to share the full backstory during my lifetime by gold or threats. Blood oaths, curses, the works, binds them.

Another way my general readership can help push the backstory to a whole new level is to think about who they may know in the Hollywood pantheon – actor, agent, or producer – who would respond to The Claire Saga on a creative level. Anyone who introduces me to a real Hollywood connection – one that has the motive, means, resources and opportunity to bring this to a screen or network near you, and does so — will have a character named after them in my next book (and be my hero forever). I’ll also sing your praises in this blog.

Well, there is still a little time left to go out and star gaze with another cup of coffee, before I need to cuddle a kitty make my rounds and start my chores.

Lisa’s table has arrived and needs to be put together. Daunting but doable. The table, that is.

But you fine, five readers go out, get those weekly chores done, then get out there and enjoy these waning days of summer.

And most of all, make today a great one.

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  1. Ranking just below Beowulf, Paradise Lost and The Faerie Queen on the English Lit list of Top Sagas….The Claire Saga!!!

    1. One of the best papers I ever wrote in college was the one entitled, “In Defense of Satan In Milton’s Paradise Lost.”

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