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Seven Days Out for FJM – Blondes Have More Fun – Hey Renee & Janice.

Now this lovely young lady, Renee Clarke, is a brilliant hand therapist from North Dakota. As you can see from the photo with the hat, which is mid-summer garb where she comes from, she has a whimsical side to her personality. And that makes her the perfect reader of The Claire Trilogy and Finding Jimmy Moran.

I met Renee through my books. She gets the humor. She even walked an inscribed set of the books into the Bismark Public Library for me. And the fact that Renee lives in an unforgiving climate demonstrates that she is one tough lady. Tough ladies get Jimmy Moran. Thank you Renee. You are a peach.

I’ve mentioned before that – based upon the Amazon review ratio – over 90 percent of my readers are women. I cannot explain it other than the fact that it’s been my experience that: (1) women are smart and like to read; (2) women like to laugh; and (3) women like to see literary female characters that are no-nonsense and bad ass.

My books are chock full of (3). Starting with Claire and ending with Stella. In fact, from my earliest memories, my life has been chock full of real women that fall within the (3) category. My grannies were (3)s. I’ve been married to one for 45 years. My adult daughter, Jackie, would give Stella and Bobbi a run for their money.

My stories are an equal opportunity fantasy. The best action scenes are stolen by my female characters.

The men get into trouble and provide the comic relief. I’m good at both.

So, it will be no surprise to anyone who knows me that Finding Jimmy Moran is my homage to strong women. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a guy’s book. It really is. No, seriously. But, as always, the women are in control. And I like that.

Lawyer break – All of my books are completely fictional.

While I’m mentioning charismatic women, I must not forget one of my local neighbors, Janice Erikson. Janice is funny as shit – reminds me of Catherine O’Hara (

and she is married to a misguided Boston Red Sox fan named Brian, who has some familial relationship to a snowy-maned character. Anyway, one day, a Boston Red Sox logo appeared on Jack The Spruce.

I thought it was some form of bark blight or tree fungus. I was tempted to burn it. Instead, it now hangs eternally upside down in the same spot on Jack The Spruce as part of a hex that will make the Bambino curse look like a kindergarten time out.

The Sox should never play again in October. As of yesterday, they are 5th in the East. Perfect. Never screw with Bronx Druids.

Anyway, Janice was one of the human locals I first met during my early morning walks around the area. She would always be shepherding a pack of dogs. We would often chat – I really am a social butterfly – as we walked along the route together. As I said, like Catherine O’Hara, she is very funny. Must be a Canadian thing. Eh.

I can excuse Janice’s lapse in judgment for marrying a Beantown hero, after all, she’s from Canada so she probably hadn’t heard all of the terrible things about Boston and their natives (although the Southies get a pass). And, when it is all said and done, she really has a discerning set of eyes when it comes to literature.

She enjoyed The Claire Trilogy, has visited Casa Claire, and now knows what makes the character Jimmy Moran tick.

So, thank you Renee and Janice for your respective support of Finding Jimmy Moran. Yours, and all of the other women’s eyes that peer out from above the book, give testimony to the power of the female characters within its pages. The eyes have it.

Well, it’s Thursday – my fine, five readers. Let’s get out there and wrap up this work week, so our Friday is free for daydreams of fun and frolic.

But first, my kitty cuddle, rounds and dreadmill.

So, let’s make today a great one.

And thanks for the support.

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  1. You are a dear, Tom. Your kind words are heartfelt, thank you. I will feel a void when finishing FJM, like my funny storyteller has departed on a long vacation. It’s a very entertaining read! BTW Brian is wondering when do you retire for the night? No reason, I swear, just curious.

  2. Thanks Tom… your books DO make me laugh, and cheer, and remember and appreciate good friends from the past. Your books are a bunch of warm fuzzy things rolled into one! Can’t wait to read the next one!
    ( I don’t know what I was thinking when I put on that Christmas hat!)🙄

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