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Reading Is Fundamental

Yesterday, I did something I rarely get a chance to do. I read for pleasure.

Of course I first got the rest of my chores out of the way. But I have been recently collecting books by other writers I have met on Twitter, and my TBR pile was getting ridiculously large, so I explained to my wife that while I do cherish our days off together, I really needed to make a dent in that stack. And after a day in front of a computer lawyering, my old eyes just can’t focus long enough to make any real headway in a book during the week.

Given that I was in an Aussie state of mind, I singled out a book of poetry and a book of short stories (fables) by two writers from Oz, and went to work. They were both relatively thin books, so I felt confident I could get through them.

“Bereft,” by MA Quigley turned out to be the story of one young woman’s life told via an epic poem. Quite honestly, I was amazed that someone could pull that off as a writer. But Ms. Quigley did a wonderful job. While I begged for a happy ending – not the first time – Ms. Quigley was too honest a writer to pander to her audience. I, of course, left my positive Amazon review while the emotions were still fresh.

“The Book Of Fables: Reveries, Myths & Wanderings” by CS Hughes was a throw back to the writing style of The Bros Grimm. Another well written, honest work that reminded me that Fables can be dark and sometimes even brutal. But that’s what they are supposed to be. Mr. Hughes got his positive Amazon review as well, while I was trying to drive some of his imagery out of my mind before they transformed into nightmares.

Now I’m not going to lie. There is an ulterior motive to me reading the writers I have engaged with on Twitter. While I truly try and support my fellow writers for purely altruistic reasons, I’m also scouting the competition. I’m not judging their stories, because I understand that we are all different and have our own view of the world. But I like my stories to be well told. Keep me interested. Be clever. And these two Aussies hit their marks.

Since I was still operating on the same day-pass from my wife, I continued with the next book off the top of the TBR pile, “The Memories of Eskar Wilde,” by the psuedonymous EH Wilde. EHW also happens to be an Aussie. Sadly, I was only able to reach the 17% mark – this is one of the Kindle books – before my eyes finally gave in, but I will share that this book also shows that this Aussie can write with the best of them, and that the set up for the story is quite promising. Hopefully, I will be able to pick this up next weekend.

The TBR stack is just a little bit smaller, and I must get through them all before I can even think of writing the sequel. But I will not buy any more books until this stack is complete.

My take away from yesterday’s literary experience, I am terribly jealous of Aussie writers.

But now I have to leave all that behind and be a lawyer.

First, a kitty cuddle, my rounds and some warm up torture.

Like you, my fine, five readers, I shall get through this Monday, if only to take that first step towards next weekend’s reading. Eskar awaits.

But if you get the chance, at any time, escape from the world of news reports, politics and sports, and venture into that world of imagination. Pick up any book. It’s a inexpensive respite from the oppressiveness of every day life. Reading is fundamental.

And most of all, make today a great one.

Oh yeah, that photo above was taken of Claire yesterday evening when I returned from picking up some Chinese take away, in honor of the balloon. Claire poked her head out of the barn when she heard my car pull up the driveway. Just checking my passport.

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  1. I finished one book and read another yesterday. The poem book you read sounds interesting to me. I will have to pick a new book today. Something funny I think. A gal from the Bronx won best new artist last night on the Grammys. Her name is Samara Joy.

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