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Play Dead

I was studying Blue last night. There was a strange stain on the livingroom carpet and as soon as Lisa started asking me about it, Blue rolled on her back and played possum. Seemed to work.

I’m wondering if I could get away with that?

Yesterday was an extremely busy day of indoor veggie/fruit prep work and outdoor farm work, getting things done before the snow fell again last night. It’s 3 degrees this morning.

My body is sore from digging/prying out those mule muffins from the frozen tundra and tossing hay bales and hauling bags of tasty alfalfa pellets through the snow to the barn. I even refilled the water trough by dragging out a very long hose from the house to the trough. Then you need to carefully empty that hose and return it to storage or it will freeze like all of the others.

I popped a blood vessel in my eye for my troubles. Or maybe I’m turning into a Zombie.

And do you think I got one bit of sympathy? No.

The basement is still going to have to be cleaned.

And I’m worried that if I try playing dead, Lisa will just rent a back hoe and put me out back by Mr. Rogers.

Oh well, mustn’t grumble.

The one bit of fun I did get to participate in was seeing two more books from overseas authors join the MOS Literary Bookshelf.

Catch Me If I Fall, by British author Nickki Rodwell:

Great cover photo Nikki.

And The Memories of Eskar Wilde, by Aussie author E.H.Wilde.
Now the latter is not only our first Aussie, but is our first pen-named author.

So now we have the air of mystery on the shelf. Wait until I write my memoir under the pen-name Dirk Diggler.

Lonnie Bell is so excited to see these new additions to the bookshelf.

This was his idea and in one year he has accumulated quite the collection of inscribed books, which his patrons are welcome to read while they sit having a beer of drink.

And Lonnie has concluded that it is time to extend the length of the shelf or add a second level, given that the Gargoyles are holding onto the edges for dear life.

So, thank you Nikki and Eskar. The Mike O’Shays Literary Book Shelf is honored by your presense.

Oh well, no use putting it off, my day of housekeeping drudgery awaits.

But first, a long kitty cuddle (it’s cold out there), my rounds and some torture.

But it is Sunday for most of the rest of you fine, five readers. So do enjoy that day of rest.

Maybe pick up a book and read it.

But most of all, make today a great one.

Oh, and after a day sitting in the number 2 spot, TWA is back on top. Thanks mom, you are going to have to start selling them to the souls in purgatory if we are going to hold onto the title.

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  1. Looking at that zombie or vampire red eye, it occurs to me that it would be a missed photo op to not take your FJM eyes photo now, Tom. And knowing how sincere you are about always giving your fans and followers full effect and authenticity, I assume you’ll have your wife poke your other eye with a red hot poker before taking that photo. This is strictly for your FJM eyes gallery and your fans though, not for my (or your wife’s) enjoyment.

  2. Actuality in hindsight, just a finger poke will suffice. After all, we want both eyes available to work on your TCT sequel this Summer.

  3. Remember to breathe when you’re lifting so the pressure doesn’t build up in your head!!! Geepers, a busted vessel!

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