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Caught the above photo by pure accident. I was coming out the back door yesterday to bring Claire and Honey some carrots. I don’t remember snapping a photo. I was surprised when I spotted it among the photos this morning.

For some reason it captured the anthropomorphic feel I get from my interactions with Claire. I love her long eyelashes and that bent tip of her right ear – yes from frost bite. And that is a wise face.

That is the Claire from TCT and FJM.

I love chucking her chin. And if I want to gently lead her somewhere, I’ll softly grasp her chin between pointer and thumb and walk, and she follows.

Is it really any surprise then that I would converse with this magical creature?

If you watch the videos carefully, you’ll often see her mouth moving.

Read her lips.

I’ve learned so much from her.

I’m happy to take this moment to express my appreciation that Claire is in my life.

Thank you Claire.

Well, time to start my day.

I have a kitty to cuddle, rounds to make and torture to engage in.

But it’s Friday, so there is nothing but positive possibilities ahead.

You fine, five readers go out there and wrap up your work week.

Hug a family member, or a complete stranger. Call a friend.

Make a small difference in someone’s life.

And let’s make today a great one.

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  1. She is magical. It cracks me up that she gets so close, allows you to lead her just by touch, but come pedi time she’s off and running..
    Enjoy the weekend….and all the days in between.

  2. For anyone that wants to know, that’s my Dutch Poet friend Vincent VZ, leaving that comment. You can find him and his writing on Twitter – @vincentvanzand1.

    Hey Yvette, thanks for the good wishes. Going to be starting WTLLM by 6/15.

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