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People Think I Make This Up. . . .

After my wife, my fur family runs the show. The above photo is how Claire has trained me to pay my carrot tithe timely, each day, upon demand.

If I don’t respond to her vulcan-mind-meld stare, snorts, grumblings and wall shaking hoof knocking to get my attention outside my office window, the nuclear mule-muffin option is unleashed.

It piles up very quickly, so best to avoid it through capitulation.

People wonder why my basement fridge stays fully stocked.

Some of that goes to some of the other characters from my novels, like Tique, the Arabian. Who is fond of celery.

If I never met Tique (and her caretaker Pam) during my rounds, I would never have developed the nerve to adopt Claire. And without the magical Claire, there is no story. So Tique holds a special place in my heart.

Truth is, I live to comfort my fur family and friends. I find joy in that service.

The other day, when we were striving to warm up to 0 degrees F, Blue, my female furry bodyguard, enjoyed being wrapped up in her favorite couch spot.

Blue likes that end of the couch because it is closest to the hallway that leads to, and has a direct sight-line, the front door. The Amazon delivery drivers who venture in that area have nerves of steel.

This is Jeter and Blue sleeping in my office.

The only time they leave my side is if Lisa is up wandering around the house. Blue will go up and follow her around. Jeter is my shadow. As the only two living males on the property, we tend to stick together. But when Lisa is working, they both stay by my side. There’s comfort in that.

Here’s a shot of Honey from the other day, after I got her back into her coat, enjoying a lie down in the solar reflective white warmth of the back area. She’s sitting where the pond used to be. The pond disappeared within a week of me finishing KMAG, and The Claire Trilogy. Water tables magically shifted back in another direction.

Honey keeps Claire always within her sight. This time she is watching Claire having a gnosh on a haybag over by Geppetto’s workshop.

It started to warm up yesterday, and the earth started to absorb the snow, but I’m not taking those coats off before March.

Honey always keeps her eyes on me if I’m in the area. Watching for that halter. Trust but verify.

I enjoy seeing my fur family happy, because they have brought so much joy and magic into my life.

They listen to my stories and never cut me off with – “Is there a point to this prattle?”

I do have a tendency to tell long, drawn-out, shaggy-dog stories, especially when I’m around just my fur family. It helps with the writing. They have a good ear for dialogue. If they approve, I know I’m onto something.

Side note – that house in the background belongs to my dear extraterrestrial friends, Everett and Michelle. Love them both. Could not have written The Claire Trilogy without them.

Well, it’s Sunday, and, along with my other chores, I have to replace the front doorknob at some point today. So, I better get to it.

But first a kitty cuddle, my rounds and the dreadmill.

Hope you fine, five readers find some “me” time for yourselves today.

Makes life worth living.

And make this day a great one.

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  1. Yesterday was one of my grandsons 10th birthday. I spent it in the emergency vet hospital with Ivy, my cat. She had swallowed a button she found somewhere and it clogged her up. Two enemas later they say she is ready to come home now. I am going to jet over there and get her back. Hell of a day. I have a hard time when my fur babies get sick. Stay well Tom and gang.

  2. Thank you for thinking of us! So glad we helped provide inspiration for your incredible imagination. Speaking of fur babies, Maya, our lil Chihuahua certainly runs the show at our house! Luvya

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