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On Behalf Of Claire And Myself, Thank You.

I’ve said before that these moments on the Amazon charts are fleeting, so you have to celebrate your wins in real time. I’m doing that now.

Woke up this morning to find TWA back at number 1 in Dark Humour and FJM as the #1 New Release (#3 just behind TWA).

It doesn’t get any better than that.

So let me thank my Publisher – Reagan Rothe and BRW – for pulling out the stops (and giving me my break).

My friends and family – especially my siblings and the OFC for not killing me – and Helen and Bobbi and Kim R who nurtured the mystical in my life – for getting me here and sharing their unbelieveable and totally fictitious lives.

My wife, of course, for believing in me when even I didn’t.

My kids and grandchildren and grandpups.

My ancestors and their ghosts.

You fine, five readers for all of your support.

All of my writer friends on Twitter. And now FB. Each and every one of you. Love you all.

My Berthoud and Riverdale families for all of the stories you have provided.

The MOS Crew. Especially Kyle and Lonnie.

Colin Broderick, Christy Cooper-Burnett, Joe Barrett.

The real Jimmy Moran.

My inner circle of readers – you rock. Couldn’t have done it without you guys. Get ready for the sequel. No good deed goes unpunished.

All of those others, seen and unseen, who have inspired me along the way.

And Claire the Mule for your friendship and talking me through it all. (And Honey, Blue, Jeter and Smokey).

Friday has never felt so good.

Well, I need to turn back to a real person now.

A kitty to cuddle, rounds to make and the dreadmill.

I’d tell you to make today a great one but I don’t know how it gets any better than this.

7 Responses

  1. 👏 Congratulations!👍
    Your success and recognition are truly well deserved.
    I’m so happy to see how many readers were anxiously waiting for Finding Jimmy Moran to launch. I know they are all going to love reading it. The only disappointment is when the book ends and you close the cover on all the characters and adventures that you have shared with us to laugh with and cry over.
    So Timmy take a deep breath, enjoy your Friday and let the momentum carry you for a while.
    Yes we are all waiting for the sequel!!!

  2. Eileen. I see you have merged my name with Jimmy’s. Thanks for the love and support. And for giving me so much to work with in my stories.

  3. Congratulations Tom. It was so exciting to read FJM in official print! I can’t wait for the sequel.

  4. Congratulations and well deserved! Let’s keep finding those readers to fall in love with this series!🥂✨

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