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Okay, enough about me . . . for today. Hey Marissa!

December 3, 2022

My dear friend and author, Marissa Banez, has a book coming out on Ground Hog Day in 2023.  Hope and Fortune:

This is the perfect children’s book.  I first met Marissa as a lawyer when we worked for the same entertainment law firm Gold Farrell & Marks in the last century.  Marissa hasn’t aged a bit – thats her in the photo above (on the right).  Must be a Vampire.  

In the strange and magical small world we inhabit, Marrisa ended up being published by Black Rose Writing.  I feel her addition to that stable of authors honors those already there.

Anyway, Marissa is also a leader in her Philippino community, and today she will be appearing as a guest on Makilala TV, a well respected and popular Philipino television station here in the US.  If you don’t have access to the station in your area, I know the interview will be also posted on YouTube afterwards.  

Check it out:

Did I mention Marissa’s book has fairies?  Enough said, I’m in.

Good luck Marissa. 

Anyway, today is a busy chores day, so I best get to it.

But first, that kitty cuddle, rounds and torture. 

You fine, five readers go take care of your Saturday To Do list, then kick back and enjoy your weekend. 

Most of all, have an excellent Saturday. 

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