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New Year’s Eve

I’ve always found inspiration in the strangest of places.

When I first moved to Berthoud, these three mountain peaks, which I call The Three Witches in TCT, always helped me find my way back to my new home. My phone sucked and my GPS was useless. Old school navigation.

This is what they looked like yesterday morning. Majestic.

And while I have no present intention of ever climbing them, I really do hate heights, their daily presense is a visual reminder that there are always new challenges awaiting those that want them.

And we should always be challenging ourselves to do something new and a little scary. No matter how old we are. Get out of that comfort zone. Because we are never going to know who we really are unless we keep testing ourselves.

Coming from NYC to Berthoud in 2017 was a challenge that changed my life.

Adopting Claire was another.

So, as we close out the old year, let’s find something new to push the envelope. For me, I hope its the sequel that keeps dancing around in my head. It’s looking to be epic.

I’m hoping Finding Jimmy Moran makes the literary world stand up and take notice.

Who knows, maybe this summer I’ll tackle those mountains.

And I want to thank you fine, five readers for your support this year. It has meant a lot to me. And to Claire.

So this is a quicky, because I have a lot to do today. I better get at it.

But first, the kitty cuddle, rounds and some final torture this year.

May all of you have a safe and happy NYE.

Oh, and I also would like to wish my beautiful daughter in law, Georgie, a Happy Birthday down in Oz.

May all of your wishes in 2023 come true.

But let’s close out 2022 with a great day.

12 Responses

    1. Anna: You too. Looking forward to sharing the creative process for Where The Ley Lines Meet with you. And fingers crossed for the release of Finding Jimmy Moran. May 2023 be magical for us all.

  1. I wish for you and your loved ones a safe, heathy, successful and Happy New Year! Happy birthday to you DIL!
    May your family, no matter how many miles that separate you, all feel the love and support as only family can give as we begin this new year. A year filled with new challenges that will create new memories for everyone to cherish for years to come.

  2. Happy New Year Tommy, Lisa and all of the offspring. Saw Eddie and Mary yesterday. They stopped by on their way back to NJ. They looked great and even though it was a short visit it meant a lot to Deb and I.

    We need to make sure we see each other soon. Hard to believe that it’s been decades since I last saw you. We’ll be changing that.

    1. Absolutely Ralph. 2023 will be the year to catch up. Give my love to Debbie and the rest of the family. Have a safe, healthy and happy New Year.

  3. Happy Happy New Year Tommy. I hope 2023 is a great year fid for all of you! I hope “Finding Jimmy Moran ” is a huge success for you! I look forward to reading it!🙂🎉🍾👏

    1. Terry: Happy New Year to your and your family. And when it comes to FJM, from your lips to God’s ears. 2023 is shaping up to be amazing.

  4. Happy New Year! Claire will help you climb the mountains.
    Keep your ‘Happy’ and hope you have a great deal of it in future 😊

    1. Jo: Thank you so much for the kind wishes and for visiting the website. Claire has definitely gotten me this far, so if I go for that mountain climb, she’s coming with me. I wish you nothing but success, help and happiness (and lots of magic) in 2023.

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