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New Moon Cycle -WTLLM

New Moons are a time of new beginnings. It is a great time to manifest. Anything is possible.

It’s also a perfect time for contemplating the universe. I sat outside this morning on the back deck just star gazing. Saw three shooting stars before Lisa woke up and joined me outside. I used this time to focus my intentions on the next creative stages for The Claire Saga and wished accordingly.

Once Lisa came outside, I pointed out a passing satellite, and right by that spot another shooting star appeared, and Lisa made her own wish.

I’m still breathing, so I must remain in her good graces.

I saw the waning crescent of the moon on the eastern horizon – God’s fingernail – and snapped the above photo. I was surprised that the whole sphere appeared in the camera. I could actually make out the formations on the moon’s surface. Pretty cool.

I took it as a sign that the moon was letting me know that, despite its apparent absence from the sky, it was still out there working for me in the background. And that’s a good thing.

I have a new moon candle burning with the 9-11 heroes candle.

So I got everything covered.

I’m just getting back some final edits from my inner circle – God bless them and their patience – but for all intents and purposes, WTLLM, as the final part of The Claire Saga, is done.

I’m really quite happy with the way the story resolved itself. As my inner circle can attest, I had no idea where the existing characters were taking me. I was shocked at how many new characters insisted on making an appearance. But they each had their own stories to share, and I’m so happy I managed to keep those elves typing so I could capture it all (I’m certain I’ll be hearing from their union). What a fun experience.

Well, it’s Hump Day and that is just fine. The apex of the new moon cycle hits tonight. The future should be looking pretty good from the pinnacle.

Hollywood, pay attention.

I’ve already gotten back from my rounds this morning. The kitty has been cuddled.

You fine, five readers go out there and storm the hill. Get your skates on, it’s down hill from here.

And tonight, set your own intentions for new projects and beginnings.

But before you get there, focus on the tasks before you, and make today a great one.

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  1. The Lunar cycle has been fascinating we humans since the beginning of our time here on Earth.

    Your candles are a nice touch.

    Does a candle burning or kicking pebbles to the side of the road change the trajectory of our Earth, our Galaxy & the Universe?

    Maybe we will find out when we ‘Cross the Veil’ to the other side.

    HAGD Tom.

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