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New Moon Apex

Another beautiful, clear, starry night. Vincent van Gogh would wet himself.

Not sure what happened here. If you notice, only some of the stars are shifting. If it was because I was moving the camera, they would all shift.

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Well I was asking for a sign at the time. CE5 – Dr. Greer kinda thing.

Just a touch cool, as the fall should be. Made sure to move my New Moon Candle outside when I went to feed Claire & Honey.

Reaffirmed my intentions for this cycle moving forward. All focused on The Claire Saga. A lot riding on this series. Good to go.

On that note, received a few more edits to WTLLM in my email, which I will incorporate later this evening. Amazed that I actually had a “Y” at the end of the title “Chapter One[Y]”. I have to talk to those elves. They must be having a party when I zone out.

Heard back from another cold reader – a young Florida writer named Becky – who says this one may be her favorite. Thank you Becky. Women are the best readers.

Went out a little earlier to the Jack The Spruce Grotto and fed and cuddled Smokey.

Have the plumber coming over later this afternoon to replace two outdoor spigots. If I don’t fix them now they’ll freeze up during the winter and I’ll have two burst pipes to deal with on Christmas morning – when shit like that always happens. I’ve replaced two in the past and it has worked out, but I just don’t have the inclination to do it again. I also have the electrician coming at the end of the month to get the electric in the barn and art studio fixed. I need those heaters working by October.

I used to DYI these things, but I’ve just got too much other shit to deal with these days. And that is a good thing.

Today is recycling. Had to move all of that out to the front of the house this morning. Tough to manage in the dark, but then I looked back to see my dragon watching over me.

I feel the protection of Casa Claire.

Well, there’s the dawn approaching so I better get moving.

Thursday awaits. I can smell Friday from here.

You fine, five readers dust yourselves off, have that second cuppa and wrap up the serious shit at the workplace. Leave Friday open for those daydreams.

I’m heading off to do the rounds.

No matter what we do, let’s make today a great one.

2 Responses

  1. Hey guy !!
    Is Smoky yours or your neighbor east of you. I see he/her [?] creeping around your garage door and sometimes visiting my home ??
    God bless you

    1. Smokey comes and goes at will. One of the feral cats that hang in the Jack The Spruce Grotto and has 24/7 access to the cat bomb shelter and food and water there. Smokey may be someone’s barn cat. All feral animals are welcome at Casa Claire. And for anyone else reading this post, Dick, Sally and Sue are my neighbors directly across the road, and Dick may be one of the smartest humans I’ve ever encountered.

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