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Natural Schedules

I’ve mentioned many times that my life works around my fur family’s schedules. For example, once I finish here, I go up and feed and cuddle Smokey,

then I make my rounds to the other local animals to share treats, bon mots and to learn the local gossip.

Left to right – two of the many – Frankie & Trouble

Then it is back home, but before I get on the treadmill, I have to give Claire and Honey their full breakfast – on top of their early morning snack –

and then they head up to the front property to enjoy the sun and nibble on the trees.

When the mules leave the basement patio, thumper, who lives under my work shed with a thousand of his cousins, comes out to the back patio to clean up after the mules.

Mules are not big fans of celery sticks, so I try to sneak them into the carrots.

I actually chop the carrot tops off all of the carrots when I do my weekly prep and then leave a bag full of carrot tops under the bench by the work shed for the rabbit clan.

Finally, while I’m dying on the treadmill,

Blue and Jeter take their first nap of the day.

And then I start my chores (or work during the weekdays).

So my life is governed by the schedules and needs of my fur family. And I’m just fine with that.

Honest work. Keeps me out of trouble. Better than a gym membership.

It’s what made my grandfather, Spaghetti, the beast that he was.

Anyway, its time to get to all of those fun things again for yet another day.

But it is Sunday, a day of rest for others.

So you fine, five readers put your feet up. And maybe read a book.

But most of all, have a great day.

And as a final note, I’m happy to learn that our dear friend, Ann McQuillin, wife of Tommy McQ (RIP – appears as a character in FJM) is on the mend. Our prayers are with you Ann.

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  1. You’re a busy man. Ties in nicely with your responsibilities blog earlier in the week. Work keeps us out of trouble, as well as physically and mentally fit. My fathers morning wake up call to us was “Time to get up to Work, Work, Work”. It served him well. Have a great day!

    1. I have only become industrious late in life. Until now it was a means to an end. Now it’s become a calling. And your Dad, Frank Moran, was an example to us all.

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