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My Green Acres Look – Thanks Spaghetti.

Yesterday was catch up from Saturday day. My daughter looked exhausted when she checked in on the possible visit and we told her to stay put, rest up and go snowboarding. We will visit on Wednesday.

The bad news is that means I have to go into the mountains.

The good news is that I then had to play catch-up and do all of my chores in one day. Wait, did I just call that good news?

So yesterday was spent doing my weekly prep work in the basement kitchen while constantly answering the back door to pay a continuing tithe to Claire and Honey.

But the food is prepped.

But then I had to go out and shovel shit, fill troughs, and bag hay.

I shot some videos whcih you can find on Twitter. You can also hear my nassally Bronx twang as I curse up a storm. Tom@wisecelt

Anyway, I call this work Spaghetti work. My grandfather grew up In Northern Ireland doing this work on the family farm. He carried that same work ethic to the Bronx where I got to watch him first-hand work like a beast right up until he died in his mid-eighties. He literally kept our Bronx home working and in perfect repair. He also did the same for the neighbors as well. He was a good man. No wonder he plays a recurring role in The Claire Trilogy and Finding Jimmy Moran.

Every time I feel like shirking my responsibilities – which is every day – I hear his Tyronian brogue in my head. “I’ll hit you between the lug and the horn, if you don’t finish filling that wheelbarrow. And don’t forget the hay.”

Which always reminds me that I have the perfect reason to never forget the hay.

So thank you Spaghetti, and Claire, for helping me appreciate still being able to work with my hands and my back.

And for giving me plenty to write about.

Speaking of work. I need to start my work week.

But first my kitty cuddle and rounds, and then the dreadmill.

You fine, five readers have that double expresso and get on with it.

Monday can never beat us.

And most of all, make today a great one.

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  1. Thought that you have Fabulous vision. Then I saw the Horse! A long way from Vanny. Was wondering what happened to you after you published.

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