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More Eyes Than Nays – Hey Whitey

That’s Johnny Carey. Another ghost from my past. I’ve mentioned him in past blogs. I also included him in Finding Jimmy Moran because we go way back. It’s a brief appearance, had to do with Gaelic Park. Johnny hooked me up with a job there slinging hot dogs so that I could catch all the great bands that performed concerts at that open air venue by the Number 1 Broadway subway El.

We also swam on the RNH swim team together every summer. Finally, we married around the same time, hung out as couples and our oldest kids – Tara and Luke – started off their lives as friends.

We now share a similar hair line. All brilliant men do.

Anyway, the funny thing is that I hadn’t been in contact with Johnny for at least 3 decades. Closer to four.

But when I was writing FJM, and was including all of the ghosts from my past, his character leapt out of the mental chorus, so he got a solo.

Then, by shear luck, one day my youngest brother is at some Riverdale based event – supporting one of the locals – when who ends up standing right next to him but dear old Johnny. My brother handed Johnny the phone, and the rest, as they say . . . .

Johnny is a voracious reader, and while I was getting FJM in publishing shape, he burned through The Claire Trilogy. Thank God he enjoyed them. Impressing friends who knew you back in the day is a lot harder than impressing strangers. And Johnny never bought into my bullshit. That’s why he was a friend.

So, now Johnny is reading FJM.

Wait until he finds out I made him a cyclops.

Anyway, enjoy the book Johnny. Love to Helen, the kids, and the grandkids.

And love to Whitey. Today’s blog is dedicated to her.

So now I have to get to my Thursday.

First a kitty cuddle, my rounds and some movable torture.

Oh, and another trip to the Dentist this evening. Fun.

Well, you fine, five readers make a go of it. Friday is right over Thursday’s left shoulder.

But make today a great one.

4 Responses

    1. Whitey is the best. Grew up from a chubby-cheeked little kid to be the unofficial mayor of Riverdale. Give her my love.

  1. I’m in total agreement with your opinion of receding hairlines. Made my day. Keep blogging my friend.

    1. Not everyone can rock a baldy. You need an enormous amount of confidence, a very high IQ and must be able to charm the birds out of the trees.

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