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Merry Christmas

Now you just cannot beat Renee Clarke’s Christmas hat and sweater to epitomize the feelings of joy and happiness this Christmas has brought to Casa Claire.

I have been blessed with another year of sharing my life with family and friends, old and new. And of course, another year of sharing the life and antics of Claire and Honey.

Thank you one and all for the happiness you have brought me.

As my main present, Santa’s elves have typed up another book for me this past year, while I have happily dozed before my computer during those early morning hours. Thank you elves. You are better than Rumplestiltskin at weaving gold out of my imagination’s straw.

And I have received a flurry of more “eyes” photos as additional Christmas gifts for which I am truly thankful and that I would like to share.

St. Nan the Patient. Is that a gang sign? Wait – read between the lines. For the record, BC came up with that story line and character name.
Jack V. The basis for the Robbie M character. My first best friend. I would kill for his hair line.
Zach McGilbert, who appears as the character who runs the yellow school bus company.
Lucian Bear, who appears as a character throughout The Claire Trilogy.
Jackie McGilbert, Lucian’s mom and Zack’s significant other.
Donna Serrano, the ever patient wife of the real man behind the character Joe Merraro, whose photo appears in an earlier blog. First met Donna when she attended a showing of my play Revelations at the Village Gate in NYC. I believe I might have shared a story about her alleged kidnapping by Eileen Cotto in a much earlier blog.

Now this next group of four fetching sets of eyes are no longer a mystery. Turns out that they are four sisters (with stunning eyes) who are Donna’s neices. Given the storyline to the book, they fit right in. They certainly enhance the collection.

Now this daunting pair of eyes belong to the Real Jimmy Moran. A real badass! Thank you brother. God bless the Blue.
And let me not forget to include a fur family member of the Serrano Clan, Marvel, who is a devoted fan of Claire the Mule, Blue and Maeve. This lucky dog belongs to Liana, above.

As more photos come in, I will continue to include them in my future blogs, and once critical mass occurs, I will create a page on this site just for their eternal display.

Anyone who snaps a photo at anytime can send them to the email on this website:

But all of these eyes are a reminder of just how fully blessed I have been in my life and my creative journey. Love you all. Thank you for your support.

Now, unfortunately, my darling wife has to work today, another sacrifice in her life of service as a nurse. I am taking an old Riverdalian friend out for a Christmas breakfast. She appears as a character in one of the earlier chapters of FJM. Maybe I can get an eye photo when I see her. Stay tuned.

Then I have chores to finish up at Casa Claire. But I did get the chopping done yesterday.

No rest for the wicked.

In closing, I want to thank you my fine, five readers. I am blessed by your continued support and all of the kindness you have shown me. You rock!

So, now a quick kitty cuddle, drop Lisa at work, and then my rounds and some torture before that scheduled breakfast. Busy, busy.

Merry Christmas to you all. May each of your days be filled with happiness and magic.

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  1. Merry Christmas Tom. That’s one cool Sphinx cat. Give your menagerie a Christmas squeeze from me, you get one also. 🙂 Have a blessed day.

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