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Magic Of Nature – Never Give Up

That’s the tree I call “Old Man.” I was out front with Blue and Jeter this morning and this image caught my eye. The Old Man was in pretty bad shape when we got here. Lisa wanted to cut it down. I spent a lot of time watering it while having long conversations with it throughout the spring, summer and fall. I channeled my grandfather, Spaghetti, who was amazing at bringing things back to life. I put a lot of magic mule muffins around the Old Man’s base. I also put wilted flowers there as well, to add a little beauty and fragrance. I had to hack off some really bad limbs where there was irreversible rot forming. But I didn’t give up on it. And the Old Man has repaid my faith in him by returning to vigor. Indeed, a branch that I was sure would need to come off now holds my largest chimes. When we get those really bad wind storms it sounds like Big Ben.

That hand made ladder came from what was once a closed off area underneath my old deck. I rested it against the Old Man rather than trash it. I wanted to let the tree know that I still believed it had a purpose. A reason to be climbed. One day my granddaughter, Scarlett, did just that.

The Old Man also is where Claire and Honey like to congregate in most seasons.

Claire and Honey sense where they are safe and feel protected. Otherwise you would never see them both sleeping at the same time. It’s normal for one to always stand guard. The Old Man offers that protective energy. It’s the very first area out front where the snow melts into the ground, feeding his roots.

When I find just the right bench, I’m going to put it out under his canopy. But its going to have to be perfect, and whimsical.

So remember, where there is even the smallest bit of life, there is hope.

And faith can move mountains. And restore trees.

And anything you put your faith in will always reward you or someone you love.

It may take time. Just the way nature works.

Well, now I need to move forward with my day – which just happens to be my favorite.


So you fine, five readers go out there and do whatever it takes to free yourself a little bit early.

Start your weekend recharging at the earliest moment. You deserve that.

I’ll now go cuddle my kitty, and happily visit my fur friends on my rounds.

I’ll even try to enjoy the dreadmill.

And the law.

But whatever we do today, let’s all make it a great one.

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