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Love This – Thank You Adrienne Stucki

I have met some wonderful people through my writing. Adrienne Stucki is one of them.

Adrienne happened to enjoy TCT and reached out through the blog to tell me so. Thank you Adrienne, I so appreciate your support.

But what’s even cooler than being able to connect through modern technology, is that Adrienne’s parents are also creatives. Her father, Dwight Williams, is a watercolorist of the highest level. Her mother, Barbara Williams, is a novelist.

And now both Dwight and Barbara hold their places on the Mike O’Shay Literary bookshelf. Thanks to Adrienne’s intercession, Dwight and Barbara sent Lonnie Bell some inscribed copies of their books.

And here those books are taking their place among the Patheon.

Of course I rushed right over to get them all set up. Lonnie Bell was thrilled.

And here is a photo of Dwight, Adrienne and Barbara.

Thank you all for your friendship and your contribution to creativity in general, and to the MOS Literary Bookshelf. Much appreciated.

Shakespeare & Co. can hear our footsteps rapidly closing behind them.

Who needs Paris when you can appreciate a literary oasis right there in Longmont, Colorado.

Well today has a Winter Advisory warning posted and a trip to my favorite dentist later this evening, so this should be fun. I better get started.

But first a kitty cuddle, rounds and torture.

The good news is, Monday is behind us.

Wait, I almost forgot. Yesterday The Wise Ass revisited its #1 position on Amazons’ Dark Comedy list.

Thank you Claire, for everything. Thanks to all five of you for the support.

I’ve found that you must take your victory laps as they present themselves.

Anyway, must flee.

You fine, five readers, go take on your Tuesday. Piece of cake.

And make today a great one.

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