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Little Thrills In Life. Ricky Gervais Rocks.

Now when I first realized I was actually going to have a book published, I was told I had to be on social media. I only had email. That’s it.

I had to do something fast. So, I started blogging and then went looking for an old Twitter account I had opened and abandoned years before. I did not know the first thing about it. Still don’t.

But I fumbled my way through it each day and over time connected with a lot of wonderful people, many who have become dear friends.

Anyway, one of those Twitter friends, Renee Clarke, from North Dakota, who is one of my inner circle of readers, posted this retweet on March 2nd – to honor World Book Day.

Now this was a tweet by the multi-threat entertainer Ricky Gervais about the impact of books and public libraries on his young life.

I love RG. He’s simply brilliant.

And while he’s funny as fuck, it’s his dramatic roles that won me over.

Absolutely loved After Life:

And Derek:

Both series brought tears to my eyes.

The Invention of Lying was awesome:

And of course, Extras and The Office were amazing.

What I find to be RG’s most endearing characteristic – simply put – is that he just doesn’t give a fuck.Just watch his Supernature performance. Fucking brilliant.

And his Golden Globe speech was priceless.

He also takes care of his actor friends and brings them along on his many productions. And they are all brilliant as well. That’s fucking loyalty.

So yesterday, after I post the above response to Renee’s retweet, I get a “like” response from a nice woman named Silvia R.

Then I see another “like” and, given I was looking at it on my iphone, I couldn’t make out who it was from.

When I clicked on the name, I almost shit myself.

Now, it is possible that this is a fake account. And maybe, just maybe, it is not controlled by RG.

But this old fucker is willing to kid himself to very grave that it was RG who posted that one little “like” to my retweet.

So Ricky, if that really was you, thanks for making my day. Week. Year.

And if you ever want an inscribed copy of The Claire Trilogy & Finding Jimmy Moran, just drop me a tweet – – or email, just click the “Contact” button on this website. It’s dark humo[u]r, right down your alley. The first book, The Wise Ass, is ready made for your temperment.

As a matter of fact, you could easily play Jimmy Moran. And Claire would love you.

But I know you’ll never contact me again, and that’s okay. We had World Book Day.

Keep churning out the brilliance and I’ll keep watching. And never conform.

For the rest of my fine, five readers, this is an example of what I mean when I say that there is magic in the world. Those moments when you stop and say, “Fuck, isn’t that awesome!”

And, gun to your head, if that meteor is heading at us, and you have only one night left to binge watch TV, watch After Life.

Now I need to go and cuddle the kitty, do my rounds and then the dreadmill.

Go take care of your Saturday chores, and then have some fun. Saturday night was made for just that. And fighting. Just ask Reginald Kenneth Dwight.

But most of all, make today a great one.

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