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Libraries Are Cool – Never Stop Dreaming – BC

Stopped by the Berthoud Public Library the other day to drop off a copy of Finding Jimmy Moran. The Librarian was nice enough to show me where my books are on their shelf and explained that TWA is in heavy rotation given the upcoming book club meeting on the book in January.

Given that I have donated multiple copies of each of the books, the fact that there is only one copy of AAA and KMAG on the shelf made me feel pretty good.

But what makes me feel even better, is seeing those books sitting on that shelf right next to two of Anne McCaffrey’s books. When I was a young man, living with the future OFC members at Aunt Violet’s Flop House (read FJM if you want to learn more about that), I had a small bookshelf I had reclaimed from someone’s garbage with a copy of Anne’s book Dragonflight sitting on the shelf.

I used to stare at that book and wonder what it would be like to see a book with my name on its spine sitting right next to it.

Took me half a century but voila!

I actually had a preview when TWA first appeared on Amazon. I checked every version and every country and finally found it on the same page on the Amazon India website.

This is the first time I ever saw physical copies of the same that I could actually touch on an actual bookshelf. My mother must be smiling up in heaven. I’m sure she’s sitting right there next to Anne herself, saying, “Look Anne, right there, right next to you! That’s my boy!”

Never give up! Ever. As long as there is life there is hope.

Speaking of people that never give up, my dear longtime frenemy BC, now charter member of the OFC, received his copy of FJM – his character plays a central role in the novel, as it did in real life. And this time he is actually a good guy – see KMAG for a fuller understanding of that last comment.

Anyway, BC didn’t want Joe to be the only male in the “eyes” collection, so sent his photo to join in.

I’m not sure got how BC got his right eye to wander like that. I suspect he’s channeling Marty Feldman. Anyway, don’t think I haven’t noticed the to finger salute:

BC also got some of his friends to send in their photos as well, in solidarity with Claire The Mule.

Well, when Claire gets wind of this, she’ll be sure to declare “It’s on!”

I’m going to say, BC’s may be the least attractive photo of this latest series. But you can’t put in what God left out.

And the good news is that since Claire called off her fatwa against BC, he has been able to give up his disguise wearing his FMPs.

Of course, once Claire realizes that her fur buddies are stuffed, it may be back on.

Don’t put those FMPs away just yet BC.

Well, the day approaches and I have things to do.

But first, a kitty cuddle, a freezing set of rounds, and my torture.

Hump day during Christmas week.

You fine, five readers don’t work too hard. Catch a holiday party or two and let’s get this week over.

But most of all, make today a great one.

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  1. The letters FMPs made me laugh. I haven’t heard that for a long time. Not since my stripper days. 🙂 You will have more to add to your library soon. I finally received the copy of the last book (or first) my folks wrote. Mom wrote it, dad illustrated and my sister edited. I will get to the PO after Christmas. The lines are to friggin long right now. Thanks for the laugh.

  2. Thanks Adrienne. Thrilled to have the addition of the family created book to the MOS Literary Bookshelf. FMP is definitely a throw back to better days, lol.

  3. I owe all my best photographic effects to my wife. She was mad at me for interrupting her from wrapping Christmas presents to take your eyes photo. So she clubbed me on the left side of the head, causing my right eye to slide out to the side. Then she snapped the photo before it drifted back into place.

  4. Seeing Adrienne’s comment about her stripper days made me laugh. So I see you found a fellow stripper among your readers.

    Hi Fans,
    If you see Tom at a book fair or reading, ask him about his times as a male stripper back in the day.

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