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Last Night Of The Blue Super Moon

When I went out to feed Claire and Honey this morning, I felt the change of seasons. It was a little cooler than usual and there was a slight breeze.

Now I know the unofficial end of summer is Monday, Labor Day, and the official end is the fall equinox, September 22nd. But I had this strong feeling at 2:30 am that my summer was behind me. It is ending with the last day of the Blue Super Moon.

And that’s okay, I’ve always loved the fall. There’s a completely different energy to it. I love wearing jeans and sweatshirts. Halloween is my favorite holiday. The world seems a little bit more spiritual and magical. The veil grows thinner. My human anniversary is in the fall. I’ve had a lot of them.

And this fall I have big plans. Now that WTLLM is with the publisher, I will just have to do the line edits on the publisher’s manuscript. And what I mean by that is that my inner circle will read it one more time (maybe two) and give me their notes as to any typos that have survived the multiple times they have read the word versions for me. You see, I cannot read my own work. I have yet to read any of my published books. I am totally reliant on the kindness and care of my inner circle to make sure I get it right. So far, so good.

Actually, I do read the epilogues from the latest book before I start on the next one. I just want to know where the characters left off. Then I let them take me wherever they want.

I also reached out to my brilliant cover designer, Richard Lamb, so we can start collaborating on the cover. Of course, the iconic Claire will be on it. Given that this is purportedly the end (?) of this series, I want this cover to be amazing.

And with The Claire Saga now completed in book form, I can focus on manifesting a film deal. Anyone that has read the books will confirm that they saw it roll out like a film in their heads. And that is exactly how it rolled out in my own. I just took notes while the film played. It’s all channeled. My inner circle can attest to this.

Towards that end, I’ve been looking for an agent to take the books into the film world. I didn’t use an agent to get the books published. After all, I am an entertainment attorney. There is no real money to be made in publishing, so I knew I couldn’t screw it up too badly. It is, however, the place where you launch your writing into the world. The place you make a name for yourself. Where you establish your brand (or, in my case, Claire’s brand). And I made sure I kept the film rights.

But I do not have the time or energy to start knocking on doors to try to get the film world interested in this complete package — it’s a ready made franchise. I want to distance myself from that next process. I don’t want to be the guy who has to sell myself to a new world of entertainment. I just want to write.

So that will be my focus this fall.

Hopefully, if I get it right, I can head off any discontent this winter.

Wish me luck.

Well, dawn is peaking through my eastern window. And I just heard Claire banging on the back gate.

It’s time I get my kitty cuddle in and my rounds started.

I know it’s Friday and technically still a work day, but you fine, five readers blow it off or sneak out early. Start this weekend as soon as you can. Enjoy your friends and family. Jump in that pool, lake or ocean one more time. It’s the end of summer. Don’t waste a moment of it.

Read a book or two.

And whatever you do today, make it a great one.


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  1. Your books would be great for a streaming service also. A book each season and chapters drop every week.
    I do not have connections but with all the different people you touch, something will develop🕯️

  2. I love the fall after the summer season….I am embarrassed to say I haven’t read your manuscript of your last book…

    Perhaps you can enjoy the fall now that you let your book “fall” into the publishers lap.

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