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LA Times BookFest- Saturday, April 22 and Sunday April 23 – CCB & PPTT

Sorry, try as I might, I cannot get that opening map to stay horizontal.

Just got word from my female part of my writer’s brain — Christy Cooper Burnett – of our booth selection at the LA Times Bookfest this April. She nailed it. Booth # 60 in the Cardinal Zone. The remnants of my Catholic upbringing are thrilled to land just short of the Pope. My mother will be working overtime in Heaven to brag about this one.

Those that have been following for a while will know that CCB is a brilliant writer living in California who is also published by Black Rose Writing. Her forte is time travel adventures and I first learned of her when I read her trilogy – No Way Home, Finding Home, and Escaping Home. Brilliant. Made me terribly jealous.

So here I am trying to catch up with CCB’s writing output with The Claire Trilogy, and CCB leaps ahead with this awesome book called Passport To Terror. It’s got Jack The Ripper! Now I’m seething with jealousy as I read her manuscript version. But I absolutely fell in love with her protagonist – Madison Taylor (love strong females) – so much so that I ask CCB if she would mind terribly if I have MT appear – through her time travel tricks – for a chapter in Finding Jimmy Moran. CCB was all in. Voila. Chapter 70. One more reason you should all rush out and read PPTT before April, so you can fully appreciate this moment in Literary history.

So, then CCB says that she’s getting a booth at this LA Times Bookfest and asks if I want in. I figure I can kill two birds with one stone. I get a weekend in LA and to finally hang with my daily writer confident CCB, and her man, her son, and his girl. And, when I mention that I am going to the festival in April, my other BFF, Helen LaLousis (yep, that one), who I haven’t seen in over 5 years, agrees to come along for the trip, so she’s flying into LA from NYC.

And FJM officially drops on April 13, 2023. So there will be lots of momentum.

Anyway, if anyone is in the LA area that weekend in April, stop by and say hello.

Bring those read-worn copies of PPTT with you to the book fair and we’ll both sign it for you. I’m definitely going to be asking CCB to co-sign any copies of FJM I can move that weekend. Definitely instant collector’s items.

I have lots extra to do this morning – recycling.

So, I have to flee.

First my kitty cuddle, my rounds and death by treadmill.

Then law.

But that doesn’t mean you fine, five readers cannot go out and enjoy your Thursdays.

Hold your breath and it will be Friday.

But make today a great one.

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  1. Very excited for you, Tom! How wonderful. Good luck! And, who knows where the world will take me in April but there’s a slight chance I’ll be in SoCal then promoting my book in San Diego. If the stars align and I’m around that weekend, I’ll definitely stop by.

  2. Marissa, that would be the cherry on the ice cream. Fingers crossed! And I am thrilled that your book has taken off right out of the gate. Congrats. No one at GF&M ever saw this coming, lol.

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