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Judge Me By My Friends – Except BC

I love all my friends, past and present, human and non-human, real and imaginary. I try to get that point across in my stories. If we are or were friends, sooner or later you’ll show up in one.

The Wise Ass includes a lot of my newer friends, ones I’ve made since becoming an irresponsible adult, like Claire, Helen, Bobbi, Eddie, Whitey and Ev & Michelle. Then some I’ve met through my profession, Like Mark L (not Lenny) and Robert M, and even Dan P. There also are a few childhood friends in the Claire Trilogy, like Lenny and Eileen C, and Jackie Vaughan, and I incorporated the rest of the OFC – like Joe, Stein and BC – into the KMAG story, as villains, just for shits and giggles.

Finding Jimmy Moran includes a whole lot of those same childhood friends, and others living and dead, as well as some of my childhood heroes. It’s also a love story. It’s my homage to any female who was ever nice to me. I’ve never forgotten each kindness, even though it was often undeserved, as we men are so much more immature in this relationship process. Ladies, I hope you all appreciate the influence you have over any man lucky enough to be allowed into your life. You really do control all the magic and you are our muses. And men, I hope you appreciate the blessings these women bestow. It stays with us. Life really would suck without the better sex, and we really don’t deserve them. Show them respect. When you fuck up, as we all do, say you’re sorry and make it right. And always strive to do better the next time. And apologize quickly when you fuck that up too.

As Harry Callahan (another fine fictional Celt) said, “a man’s gotta know his limitations.”

Hindsight really is 20/20.

And FJM is all about hindsight.

So, let FJM serve as my blanket apology, as well as show my appreciation. Women of the world, I adore you.

I’ve been asked, why write a prequel now?

I guess I wanted to explain how Jimmy Moran became the morally ambiguous character the readers meet and ultimately embrace in The Claire Trilogy. I wanted to explain how his keystone principals of family, love and loyalty were forged and guided him throughout his adult life, and even beyond. And I wanted to establish that it is okay to be flawed. We all are. No one gets through life with a perfect record.

Anyone who tells you differently is full of shit.

Oh, and Claire insisted I bring her character back to show some more of the wisdom she has shared with Jimmy Moran. Claire’s Will Be Done.

I also wanted to use this story to share some previews as to what happens in the sequel, and set up some of the characters that will appear there. So, look for those nuggets.

I know, it sounds complicated, but I think I nailed it. I’m really proud of this book.

Anyway, Saturday saw a surge in FJM‘s position on the Amazon Dark Humour best seller list. As evidenced by the opening photo, it has spent the night bouncing around the top 10. Mom must be running all of those same stolen credit cards from those poor bastards in Limbo. Thanks Mom. That will be one Our Father and ten Hail Mary’s. And you Limbonese, make sure you read TCT first. In fact, read it again just before you dive into FJM, continuity works just as well in reverse. And read slowly, I haven’t written Where The Ley Lines Meet yet. Hopefully this summer.

In keeping with my “eyes” have it lead up to the release of FJM, let me close by sharing with you my mortal frenemy, BC, and his ever patient and subtley hilarious wife Nan, whose totally fictional characters work their way into FJM.

BC, as you may recall, is the evil bastard in KMAG. Thanks BC. You will always be my Voldemort. The two finger salute has been noted. What do you think, is he dying his hair?

I’ve come to conclude that Nan must be a Vampire, because she has not aged a second in the 40 plus years I’ve known her. Have you noticed her hand signal? It’s not a gang sign, it’s a message. BC, you really are a lucky bastard. And for the record, Nan, BC’s story line was his suggestion.

Oh, I should quickly mention that FJM is completely fictional.

Okay, I know it’s Sunday but I really have more chores to get through. Yesterday had me climbing ladders and hanging tarps as well as muffin shoveling, hay bagging and trough filling.

Green Acres is the place for me. . . .

Today is the weekly meal prep.

But first, I need to cuddle a kitty, do my rounds and hit the dreadmill.

You fine, five readers put your feet up and honor whatever God(s) you feel comfortable with. And rest.

But no matter what, make today a great one.

And thank you for the support.

4 Responses

  1. Tom,
    Thanks to you and those eyes photos, Nan and I have to read menus flat on the table when we go to restaurants now. So people don’t recognize us when we’re holding up the menu.

    And as for Nan’s supposed 3 finger salute, she asks have you forgotten how to read between the lines?

    Best of Luck with the FJM launch! We of course will keep on the run until the launch excitement blows over. Hopefully, that will only take about a month or so. LOL

  2. By the way, you may have noticed our eyes are looking in opposite directions in your eyes photo. That’s a part of our survival instincts that kick in whenever you have another book launch approaching.

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