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Joey, I’m glad you made it!

I’ve known Joe Serrano since the first day of first grade at St. Maggies. He was a character then and remains one today.

Our lives growing up kept intertwining. There was nothing Joe would not do for a laugh. And we laughed a lot.

He was in my wedding party. I was in his first wedding party.

It’s no surprise that his fictional avatar, Joe Marrero, plays such a large role in Finding Jimmy Moran.

You know how it goes, once you get married and start having kids, your lives diverge.

Joe was part of the Riverdale migration to upstate New York. So we hadn’t really talked for three decades. And then, of course, I moved out to Colorado.

Joe was the first of the Old Fuckers Club to reach out to me after TWA dropped. I credit him for getting the band back together. BC, Lenny, Eileen, Stein . . .

I had already finished writing AAA, so I asked him if he wanted to be in KMAG. I told him there weren’t any good guy roles left but he could be a bad guy. He signed right up. Within a few weeks the core of the old gang was back together, and they all became bad guys – although Eileen C and Lenny made it in as good guys.

So, over time, Joe went from looking like this (with his right hand man – Stein),

to this (again with his right hand man Stein)

And since I used Joe’s real name in KMAG (same with Stein), when I was writing FJM, I subbed in Lisa’s grandfather’s surname for Joe’s character. Joe Marrero.

But Joe’s photo above works as a metaphor for his life. You see, he has burned his candle on both ends and lived his life to the fullest. It was a thrill to watch. And during the process Joe has almost kissed his ass goodbye on multiple occassions. Makes for great stories but takes its toll physically. He really did go out Aunt Violet’s window.

Yesterday, Joe had an operation to try and put some of him back together.

It was a long and grueling procedure. But, I’m thrilled to report, he made it out – as he always does – alive! When it comes to lives, the cats are jealous of Joe Serrano.

I thought about sharing some of the more gruesome post-op photos he sent the OFC but opted for this. Seemed fitting.

God bless you Joe, and your wife, Donna, and your lovely daughters.

And you may want to have that phrase tattoed on your arm.

And please stick around, our stories aren’t over just yet.

Love ya.

Now the sun is rising and I must flee.

A kitty to cuddle, rounds to make, a dreadmill to curse at.

But it is Friday, so I’m happy.

You fine, five readers go out there and embrace the promise that Friday always offers.

But most of all, make today a great one.

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  1. Great to read this post. Joe and Mike look a bit older but they still look good! Memories from Coaches😊😊

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