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Jim Kelly, We Hardly Knew Ya – Ultimate Irish Exit

You don’t have to know someone a long time for them to have some impact on your life.

Jim Kelly lived in Savannah, GA. It has a surprisingly large Irish population:

7 Surprisingly Irish Cities in America

Jim had been on Twitter since January 2013, but we never crossed paths. He never mentioned a family, but I’m sure he left his imprint on blood and friends alike. Way too much personality not to have.

Jim arrived in my twitter feed one day just over a month ago posting photos of an oak tree that must have stood in front of his house. Loved the Spanish Moss on this tree.

The idea that Jim would post a tweet about caring for this one large tree on his property, invoked memories of the way Spaghetti cared for the large Tulip tree in our backyard in the Bronx.

I didn’t know at the time that Jim was leaving his legacy for the world.

It caught my eye and I followed Jim. He followed back.

Over the past few weeks we exchanged a lot of Tweets. He was very supportive of my books. Never let on that he was ill. Looked like one tough bastard who would have happily sat around my family’s table giving as good as he got.

This morning I woke up to this posting.

Many a Celt have wept to that song.

Now I cannot confirm that Jim has passed, but I doubt he’d post this if he didn’t hear the Banshees calling.

If he hasn’t passed, well then, we’ll have a good laugh over this.

If he has, then Jim just pulled off the perfect Irish Exit. The Ginger would be proud.

So goodbye Jim Kelly.

Well done you!

Now I need to go cuddle a kitty, make my rounds and allow my dreadmill to remind me I’m still alive.

It’s Monday – which BTW – among the McCaffreys is the best time for a family member to die. It’s always good for a whole work week of mourning. Plenty of time for the wake, the funeral, some socializing with the Clan and then time to get back on your feet. Jim, I hope you get the ultimate Irish Wake.

The rest of us need to get on with living.

So let’s do it. But offer a simple prayer for Jim Kelly.

And don’t forget to make today a great one.

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