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It Must Be Friday – Full Moons Rock

Yep, the publishing world is a roller coaster ride. But today I awoke to a solid listing for all four books. Great way to start my Friday.

Thank you my five, fine readers for getting the word out. Your support is greatly appreciated.

Of course, I had my full moon intention candles burning – belt and suspenders. And I have a new batch of moon water collecting its energy. Like to sprinkle some of that on the trees.

I’m getting better at handling these rating peaks and valleys. It’s like a twelve step program, Let go, let God. However the supreme being is defined for you.

But you always feel the itch. I can’t help but keep checking the stats. OCD level.

Still, I have lot’s to distract me. Yesterday, after work, I got to give Claire a good brushing, ending with an obligatory ear and head scratching. And a little Ass Kissing.

And I’m not even going to let the idea that I have a shit load of house cleaning to do this weekend (before Lisa returns), on top of my shit-loading chores, ruin the day for me. It’s another welcome distraction.

Well, I might as well get to it.

A kitty to cuddle, rounds to make and the dreadmill.

But it’s Friday, we can all feel the potential.

So you fine, five readers get on it. The weekend is calling.

But most of all, make today a great one.

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