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I Hate Cleaning. . . And Mountains. Jackie & Zach.

Got the word yesterday that my daughter and her new husband, Zach Gilbert (who appears in FJM) were driving from their home in Atlanta to Breckenridge for some end of season snowboarding, while Lucian is off vacationing with his dad on spring break.

They should be in Breck by now. Drove tandem for 22 hours with their two dogs and cool cat. It’s great to be young.

Of course, Jackie mentioned that maybe her and Zach will drive down for a visit on Sunday, today.

Suddenly, all my regular Saturday chores got sidlined as Lisa forced me into clean-up duty while she shopped for and then prepared one of her world class lasagnas.

Insult to injury, it is meat lasagna, so I am relegated to sides. Damn carnivores!

So there I was cleaning the upstairs bathroom, the first floor bathroom, and then vacuuming the entire first floor, including under the furniture and rug. I drew the line on cleaning the basement. I’m only (barely) human.

Moving furniture is a back-breaker.

I kept wondering why Lisa cared if Jackie visited a dirty house. And when I say dirty, I mean barely. Whatever the dogs bring in.

I figured it had to be Zach. Jackie knows who we are, so a clean house isn’t going to fool her.

Well, this morning Lisa tells me that Jackie & Zach may not be coming, and that instead, we may drive up to Breck on Wednesday to visit them. That’s a “may not” and not a “will not.”

So at best, not only did I clean for possibly nothing, now I have to possibly venture into mountains. I would rather fight a bear.

But I won’t fight Lisa, because with a bear, I can play possum and hope to be spared.

Fighting Lisa is guaranteed death. Painful too.

So, now I have to do my weekly prep, refill troughs, pick up mule muffins. And then swiffer the 1st floor, just in case J&Z show up.

No good deed goes unpunished.

Well I better get on it.

Glad I lit my Worm Moon candle, leading into the three night full moon. Maybe, if I get a movie deal, I can hire pretty French maids to clean. One for each floor.

Kitty cuddle, rounds and then the dreadmill – maybe. There are only so many miles a day in these old legs.

But I hope one or more of my fine, five readers find some rest time today.

Gotta give God his due.

But whatever you all have planned, make today a great one.

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