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Hump Day Is Fine By Me

I have to admit. I was getting worried yesterday as TWA was sliding to the #4 slot. I know, it’s stupid. But it’s my addiction and I own it. The other three books and the combined TCT set are all hanging in the top 25 in my tiny genre of Kindle Dark Humo[u]r, but its where we call home, and we love being there.

So, whenever TWA has a surge, I’m thrilled and will mention it. This morning has found TWA sitting back at #1 for a few hours. Thank you all for your continuing support.

Now that Finding Jimmy Moran is decently launched I have turned my attention to starting the sequel, Where The Ley Lines Meet. I’m feeling the itch, which means I’m almost ready to start writing. That, in turn, means I will be taking a hiatus from social media and blogging. Only have that limited time each day to write, so i have to make choices. Priorities. Probably start next week. Wish me luck.

Yesterday morning, my internet was down, so I couldn’t do my blog or social media. Funny how much anxiety I felt from withdrawal. I missed you guys.

Had I had internet access, I would have told you how I spent Monday hanging lights that Lisa wanted along the front eve of my house, by Jack The Spruce’s magic grotto, and then sweeping up the back patio where our outdoor dining set has been commandeered as Claire & Honey’s feeding station and the chairs serve as a barrier that keeps Claire from cracking the sliding glass doors when she’s knocking for her carrots. The patio looked like a barn. Lots of mud carried onto the cement over the winter and spring, which meant a lot of scraping. Lots of leaves and other detritus blown there by the winds, some of which had gotten wedged in behind my Hot Tub, Skyclad. A real mess. Luckily, I got it sorted to Lisa’s satisfaction. And then I hung an industrial sized fly zapper Lisa ordered that supposedly takes care of flies for an acre of property. I personally don’t mind flies. Ballsy creatures. Love to drink my coffee. But when they start to bother Claire and Honey then all bets are off. Hopefully, this will create a no fly zone where the mules can retreat for some peace.

Well, the sun is starting to rise, so I need to get moving.

I have a kitty to cuddle, rounds to make and some self-torture to engage in.

You fine, five readers take the hill in this shortened work week.

With a running start you should be able to mentally leap frog Thursday.

But don’t cut any corners at work. Be productive.

Earn your weekend.

But most of all, make today a great one.

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  1. Feeling the itch to get writing again, eh Tom? Go get it, champ! Have at it! I know I speak for many when I say …. we can hardly wait!

  2. Good luck with your next writing adventure!! May the stories in your head easily transfer to paper!

  3. Thanks guys & gals. I appreciate the support. Definitely starting some time over the next few weeks, and hopefully no later than my father and father-in-law’s birthday, 6/15. Just have to see how my life opens up before then.

  4. Seems like things are well for the farmers life you have. Green Acres for sure. Industrial bug zappers to your rescue. Looking forward to the next book . Be patient with yourself and the thoughts will flow.
    I will miss firing up the computer and reading your daily blog with a mug of tea. I guess I will have to call you every so often to ensure you are ok…
    Be well my ole friend and as always regards to your better half Lisa.

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