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How Does A Cup Of Coffee Turn Into A Table?

So, Lisa and I went to get her Acura serviced, and while we were waiting at a nearby Ziggy’s, having our coffees, Lisa decided that the table we were sitting on would be perfect on our back deck. The problem with the furniture we have up there is that it is light wood so when the Colorado winds blow (daily) they shift back and forth across the deck like untethered cargo on a old wooden frigate during a storm at sea.

This particular table was indeed way too heavy to move even during a tornado. I could barely shift it.

So Lisa had me snap a photo of it and then an hour later she had found and ordered one on-line. Funny how she can’t use her phone for anything really important but is frighteningly intuitive – a real savant – when it comes to using it for shopping.

But I mustn’t grumble, she let me buy Goldie.

The table is the above color. It’s made of the same material as the deck – that faux wood composite that lasts forever. Ziggy’s must be a cash cow because those tables are expensive.

That means a day of me bolting it all together (historically I always have one extra bolt left) in about a week’s time.

But Lisa didn’t stop there. She went out to the Longmont stores and bought 5 new outdoor chairs to match that new table’s color and two more outdoor red rockers to give the back deck some pop. Those chairs will definitely be shifting back and forth across the deck like a game of capture the flag during the next windstorm.

Oh, and wait, it didn’t stop there. Lisa also bought a large umbrella for the new table, and a new base for that umbrella. If you only knew how many umbrellas we have tossed because the wind shear carries them off or bends them like a pretzel. I give this one two weeks.

Still, to give Lisa her due, she is usually right about these kinds of impulsive decisions.

I am one of them.

Well, it’s Friday. Need I say more.

Off to cuddle the kitty, and then my rounds.

Oh, I stopped the daily treadmill torture about midway – late July – through writing WTLLM. It was eating up the extra time I needed to write this time and it was draining my energy. I was actually starting to nod out for short periods in the evening in front of the TV.

It was weird stopping it, but it worked out writing wise.

I’ll go back to it again in September. By then I’ll have the novel all squared away.

Anyway, you fine, five readers – that’s really about all that have returned, lol – go out there and start your weekend early.

But most of all, make today a great one.

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