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I love the esoteric. I love reading horoscopes and being read by mediums and psychics. These Druidic predilections do not seem to mesh with the firmly rooted idea that I cannot accept that my life is preordained, that I can attract the future that I want. But it actually does mesh.

You see, horoscopes provide you with a snapshot of how your universe is leaning on any given day. So it’s like a quarterback or punter checking the weather report on game day to see whether it will be hot or cold, windy or calm, wet or dry. Your performance that day will still depend on your God-given talents and how well you prepared and practiced, but you will adapt to meet the exterior challenges. And prognosticators give you their reading of your future on any given day, assuming you don’t intentionally alter anything in your present that will change that future.

In other words, forewarned is forearmed.

I’m blessed by the wonderful psychics I can call friends, like Kim Russo, Bobbi Allison and Katherine Glass.


Each one of them is amazing. The things they have shown me.

Bobbi, as you all know, is the basis for her witch character in The Claire Saga.

Back in the early nineties, a psychic in Lilydale

named Rev. John White told me, when I asked if I would ever make a living as a writer, that “writing will always be your mistress.” Something on the side. That crushed me because at the time I was a miserable associate who hated being a lawyer. Ever since I fell in with Robert Meloni sixteen years ago, lawyering has become more rewarding and fun. But I’m still the flea on the dog. I professionally exist because of other people’s talents or misery. I want to be the dog. I like dogs.

Now to give John White his due, he also predicted that I was going to move out west onto large ranch-like property. This prediction was so preposterous at the time to this Bronx boy that I almost scoffed, which would have been a first for me, but in the long game he was pretty accurate. Here I am.

But his “mistress” prediction also stopped me from writing. I knew that I had a family to raise and feed, so I buckled down to being a good lawyer. I let the Reverend’s prediction for my future beat me.

I have evolved in my esoteric thinking since then. I have bought into Wayne Dyer’s law of intention, which is another way of characterizing the Law of Attraction. I met Dr. Dyer once and he changed my life. Jimmy Moran even refers to his teachings in AAA. “When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” Dr. Dyer does a nice fictionalized version of the concept in his film, “The Shift. (2009)” But I’ve also read all of his books.

Now, don’t misunderstand. I can’t sit in grandma’s basement and wish things into existence. I have to put in the work. Everyday. I perform certain rituals – like candle magic – to help me focus on those intentions. But I find that by focusing on an intention and then applying my God-given gifts to pursue it, the law causes the universe to align in a way that allows me to achieve those goals. It clears the barriers out of my way. It introduces me to the right people to make things happen. It gets me where I need to be.

It gave me the confidence in 2019 to write TWA (after I moved to the western property Rev. White mentioned in the early 90s.

Well, with the publication of Where The Ley Lines Meet on June 27, 2024, I’ll have had five literary children with my mistress. And while it doesn’t generate the kind of income that would allow me just write for a living, – Casa Claire’s monthly nut would choke a mule – the kids are all healthy and thriving. Now I just need to teach them how to generate more income. In mafia parlance, I have make them earners.

The only real way to make them earn the level of income necessary to support Claire in the manner to which she has become accustomed, is to turn them into a film franchise. The Claire Saga could be a Harry Potter for adults series of separate films in theatres around the world, or an Amazon, HBO, Netflix or Paramount network series, like Yellowstone or Game of Thrones.

You would be surprised in the number of reviews for the existing 4 books that openly have shared that opinion.

Tom Cruise would kill it as Jimmy Moran. Old enough to play him in TWA, forever young enough to rock him as a hybrid in the rest of the books, especially in WTLLM. He can fly his own space ship.

So there. That is my next intention. I’ve tossed the gauntlet down and publicly put it out there. Now Universe get moving. Tick-Tock.

And if any of you fine, five people have a Hollywood connection, forward them this blog.

While I’m waiting, I still need to earn my daily bread. So I better get to it.

But first, a kitty to cuddle and rounds to make.

It’s hump day, so let’s all take the hill and see what Friday holds for us in the distance.

And in the meantime, you fine, five readers make today a great one.

5 Responses

  1. I have faith! I believe!
    You have the drive, the focus, the creativity and the God-given talent to make this happen. As the planets align and your candles burn I hope and pray for that opportunity that a talented producer/developer will be exposed to the Claire Saga and the rest can become reality.
    Have a good hump day Tommy.

    I wish I had a Hollywood connection for you, but since that’s far fetched, all I can do is send out good vibes. It’s going to happen for you.

  3. Tom. I’ll keep my eyes and ears open for that Hollywood connection. You never know where it might present itself.
    In the mean time, as a Sagg that believes anything is possible, my mantra is that “thoughts become things…..choose the good ones”.

  4. Your writing came at the right time. Would you have created the mystical, multilayered saga anywhere else? You first had to find Claire.

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