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Honey Steps Up

Claire spends 99 percent of her time watching out for Honey. She literally never lets her young charge out of her sight.  When I come out at 2 am I will sometimes find Claire standing in the filed over the sleeping Honey.  When the weather gets iffy, and they are forced to retreat into the barn, Honey goes deep under the heat lamps and Claire will stand in the doorway, keeping watch and blocking the worst of the weather from coming inside. 

But every once in a while, when Claire needs to close her eyes, Honey steps up.  

Yesterday morning Claire needed some deep REM sleep, so there she was, lying prone where the pond once shimmered, out for the count. 

I watched for fifteen minutes while I sucked down my coffee, and Honey never dropped her guard. 

I was impressed.  And I thanked the Universe and all of the wonderful people who brought Honey into Claire’s life.  Into mine.

Equines are herd animals.  They need their own. Even if its only within sight across a fence line. 

As long as I breathe I will do everything in my power to keep my tiny herd together and happy.  

Hell, if I ever get a movie deal, watch out Berthoud, I’ll become the mule version of a cat lady. 

 Maybe buy a larger property somewhere and turn it into a Mule rescue.  One can dream. And that’s how it all starts.  

Well, today’s dream will be short.  My Tuesday awaits.

But first the kitty cuddle, rounds and some torture. 

But you fine, five readers get out there with your heads up, shoulders back, and chins forward. 

Monday is behind you.  You got this. 

So let’s make today a great one.   

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