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Hey Lola (and Becky)

That adorable set of eyes belongs to Lola, the best friend of one of my Twitter friends, Rebecca (although I call her Becky).

Since dogs are an excellent judge of character and literature, I take Lola’s support as a wonderful omen. She will join the others in the FJM “eyes” pack.

Becky is a young writer who has been a wonderful supporter of The Claire Trilogy on Twitter. She is also a voracious reader. She not only went out and purchased the entire TCT set in hardcover (I can’t get my own family to do that),

but she mailed them to me for inscription and then was kind enough to post wonderful reviews for all three books. All without prompt or pleading (I can’t get my own family to do that). That is the kind of support that turns a writer’s dream into a success story.

I noticed in one of Becky’s reviews – I read all of my books reviews – that she was awaiting the publication of FJM, “impatiently.”

Given that one of the life lessons in Finding Jimmy Moran is never keep a woman waiting, I was compelled to reward Becky for her unsolicited public impatience and support by sending her an advance copy of the book.

I hope Becky enjoys FJM as much as Lola.

Maybe then I’ll get a photo of Becky’s eyes. Eyes are so important in life and fiction.

With the public release date of FJM just three months out (time really flies when you get old) – I have a theory of relativity on that issue – I need to start building the buzz for this novel, one supporter at a time.

Indeed, I cannot even begin to focus on the sequel, Where The Ley Lines Meet, until FJM has launched successfully.

And while it’s not an absolute imperative that one reads TCT before they read FJM, I believe that it will be so much more entertaining for the reader if they meet the boy who became the character Jimmy Moran in TCT, after you have met the man. I know, it sounds counterintuitive. But from the early responses, it appears to have worked.

So, during the next ninety days, give The Claire Trilogy a first, second or tenth review. I have hidden lots of gold nuggets throughout that you just can’t pick up on the first read.

And thank you Becky. Enjoy the read. Please give Lola an extra treat for me.

Now it is hump day.

So, my fine, five readers, get to its peak and set your sights on Friday. Then take a deep breath, and plunge forward. We’re almost there.

But first, a kitty cuddle, my rounds and my torture.

Make today a great one.

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  1. Reading this blog as I pass time on a bus … You’re absolutely right about all the hidden gems that get forgotten on the first read . I’m half way through TWA for second time and I can’t believe what I forgot and missed the first time around. Lots of character details in that book

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