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Here Comes The Sun

The nice thing about all the rain we have been having in NoCo is that the grass has never been greener. But it is nice to see blue skies again and the mules being out and about freely traveling from one part of the property to another. It will be good to give them a solid brushing once the ground dries out enough to keep them from going right back out and wrapping themselves in a new layer of mud. Dry dust just floats about them like on Pig Pen. Mud hardens on their fur, manes and even around and underneath their hooves. It is impossible to brush clear, it needs to be practically chiseled off.

It will also cut down on the time I spend scraping the patio of the broom defying hoof shaped clumps that adhere like small horseshoe crabs to the cement.

I am also tired of pulling on the muck boots and getting stuck in the muck as I take care of things like nighttime feedings. It’s like something grabs you by the ankle in the dark and you almost find yourself stepping out of the boot itself.

And I do suffer from the difference in barometric pressure during extended periods of rain.

The head starts to feel like its wearing a football helmet that is two sizes too small.

But the best thing about the return of nice weather really is the fact that the animals get to roam freely.

Because when they are happy, I am happy.

Well the day is already begun so I need to get moving.

I already did my morning kitty cuddle, rounds and torture.

But I just wanted to share the good meteorological news with you fine, five readers.

That and to remind you that we collectively have survived another Monday.

That is always a success in my book.

So let’s get this show on the road.

And make today a great one.

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  1. “ because when they are happy, I am happy”. I ❤️ that!
    CO is beautiful…I remember! You are so lucky to live there!

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