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Happy Spring & New Moon

The Spring (or vernal) Equinox hit Colorado yesterday at 3:24 pm MDT.

Wonder if kids still balance eggs? (and for all of those you tube debunkers – fuck off – no wonder your lives are emotionally sterile).

And boy, am I ready for Spring. I’ve never spent so many days in any of my 66 winters below zero. As a matter of fact, I don’t think I ever hit sub-zero before.

I’m also ready to launch something new with this moon, whose three day cycle also began on the 20th.

I was ready for both Spring and the New Moon yesterday with my votive candle and a lazer wish-list focus on the upcoming debut of Finding Jimmy Moran – April 13th.

And things appear to be looking up. For the first time since FJM went up for pre-orders it remained for the entire 24 hour period in the top 100 category of Amazon Dark Humour along with The Claire Trilogy.

If it can stay there (or close) for the next three weeks then my Irish luck will have held.

Fingers crossed. Candles burning. No magik is off the table.

You see, The Claire Trilogy is my homage to those of my family and friends that are still living. I had fun experiencing the responses of all the real live people, whom I love, when they found out they appear as characters in those now popular books.

Finding Jimmy Moran reaches back to my childhood and youth, where I drew from a collection of wonderful and eccentric people that I grew up with and worshipped, many of whom didn’t get to ride this train until the last station. A lot of unfulfilled promise. I wanted to give them another shot at life, to finish what they started back then, and provide them with whatever immortality comes with the fictional world I have created. Everytime a reader opens up TCT and FJM, all those people come back to life, if only as my characters in the imagination of the readers. Ain’t much, I know, but it comes from the heart. I’m hoping their spirits – who I firmly believe exist on another energy level – indeed, I’ve met a few – are laughing their asses off.

Assuming, of course, that they still have asses on the other side of the veil. Funny how that question has never come up. I’ll have to ask.

And as The Claire Trilogy focuses on the wonders of my new home town of Berthoud Colorado, Finding Jimmy Moran focuses on fictional events in my first and forever home town of Riverdale, the Bronx. Talk about a magical place to spend your formative years. I’m really afraid that they don’t make places like that anymore. Life in Riverdale could be as funny as South Park and as enigmatic as Castle Rock.

My legal brain lobe just piped in with, “remember readers, it’s a complete work of fiction.” 😉

So, during these next three weeks I’m probably going to keep reminding everybody that if they haven’t read The Claire Trilogy, now would be a great time to do it.

If you have read TCT, especially if you did so as all three books were initially released, now would be a great time to reread them back-to-back. There are lot of hidden gems that you might have missed the first time through.

And while FJM is a prequel to TCT, it should only be read after TCT. It not only draws strongly upon the TCT characters, it also provides a preview to what is to come in the sequel, Where The Ley Lines Meet, which I hope to write this summer.

(and don’t forget to read Passport To Terror by Christy Cooper Burnett before FJM, you’d hate to miss the Madison Taylor-Jimmy Moran cross-over).

FJM is a love story, told with a Bronx sensibility and accent. And there is magic and mysticism and paranormal and Claire.

If you enjoyed hanging out with the mystical misfits, you are going to love the Riverdale crew.

Now I need to get moving. There’s a kitty to cuddle, rounds to make and a dreadmill looking to punish me.

But it’s Tuesday, and it’s Spring. The day is full of promise.

You fine, five readers, do me a favor, over these next three weeks and tell everyone you know about my books.

Let’s see if we can beat the literary elite at their own game and have Claire crash their posh lists and parties by manifesting a magical opening release. Make April 13th a lucky day.

Remember, anything is possible. I mean that from my heart.

But no matter what you do, let’s make today a great one.

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