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Happy International Women’s Day.

Now some of you might find it strange that I chose to use this morning’s ranking of The Wise Ass as number 1 on Amazon’s Dark Humo[u]r Comedy list as my opening photo to commemorate International Women’s Day. But the truth is that The Claire Trilogy is my homage to smart, powerful and successful females of all kinds. My stories are packed with wonderful and interesting and even bad ass female characters. The women drive the narrative.

Even Claire – the absolute star of the trilogy – is a female.

Indeed, when it comes to my female characters, you can replace “International” with “Intergalactic”. Petrichor, Michelle and Dr. Nim. Even Gina. Go big or go home.

You write what you know.

I was raised in a Clan of such women. And I am a far better man for it.

I married a strong woman, Lisa, an RN, and sired and raised another, Jackie, a titan of industry.

That’s Lisa – just home from a long day at her job as a nurse – and my daughter, Jackie, above. Together, they have shaped my life. I would not be everything I am without them.
That’s Jackie, psychically communing with Claire, my truly magical female mule, after Jax and her husband Zach Gilbert, decided to save me the dread of going to the mountains today, by coming to dinner at Casa Claire last night. So the mountains came to McCaffrey.
That’s me – king of the gnomes in the center – with my daughter and her husband, Zach, a truly fine man, who also appears as a character in Finding Jimmy Moran.

So you see, I have the greatest love and respect for strong women, who don’t really need us men, but keep us around because we make them laugh.

And the same seems to hold true with my predominately female readership. I truly believe that one of the reasons women are far more interesting than men is because they read so much more than men. I am blessed by their patronage because I have managed to make them smile.

So when I sat down to write, Finding Jimmy Moran, I wanted to pack it chock-full of strong and interesting female characters.

After all, despite all of the shenanigans, it’s a love story. I wanted to show the world that, as far as I’m concerned, try as we might, the men were never in control. And that’s a good thing.

At least that has proven true for me.

So I am capitalizing on this wonderful day, when the world acknowledges that women are what truly makes it spin, to offer my viewpoint that without each and every woman in this world, past and present, life would not be worth living.

Happy International Women’s Day.

Now you fine, five readers get out there and surf the hump. The weekend is in sight.

I will get on with my kitty cuddling, rounds and the dreadmill. Then lawyering.

But let’s all focus on making today a great one, in honor of the women.

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