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Happy Birthday Savanna Joy

That’s my now 4 year old granddaughter, Savanna Joy McCaffrey, middle child of Luke (Lebanon Red) McCaffrey and Georgie (Gorgeous Aussie Model) McCaffrey. Savanna is standing to the left of the photo, next to her constantly sprouting 6 year old sister, Scarlett Rose McCaffrey.

Here’s a solo shot.

Stella coudn’t be in that opening photo, as she is in custody and awaiting sentencing.

Here’s a recent shot of the entire family down in Oz. They are living in paradise.

Damn glad Luke worked those Aussie genes into the next generation of female McCaffreys. Of course, that’s not going to make Luke’s life any easier. But he’s not only an excellent writer, he’s a tough bastard.

He’s got a Jason Statham thing going on. His writing is almost as bad ass as he is. I pitty the poor young males of Oz who make the mistake of stopping by unannounced. But buy Luke’s book, he’s probably going to need bail money.

He’s working on the sequel.

Matthew 3:17

So anyway, I just wanted to share a public Happy Birthday with my darling granddaughter Savanna Joy. You are amazing. The Dude and Nona love you.

On another note, my old and dear friend, Mark Lenahan (yes, the Aragorn type character from TCT), a founding member of the OFC, and the basis for the “JC” character in FJM, is doing his best to get the word out on TCT.

That is an artistic interpretation of Lenny.

This is Lenny when he’s being a world class chef for private parties of the elite in the NYC Metro area. Lenny is not only polymath, and a bad ass, but he is also an amazing chef. A culinary genuis. (Also an amazing poet.) Anyone looking to retain his services can drop me an email and I will pass it on.

Anyway Lenny is a huge supporter of the New York Public Library System, and befriended the manager of his local branch, Peter Pamphile, also a Bronx resident and CUNY Graduate.

So, Lenny asked me to inscribe a set of TCT for Peter.


Lenny hand delivered the inscribed set to this fine young caretaker of this important resource – the readers of NYC.

Thank you Lenny. Enjoy the books, Peter P.

Well, hump day awaits. So I must flee.

But first a kitty cuddle, my rounds and my torture.

You fine, five readers go forth and take that hill. And check out how Friday’s looking in the distance.

But most of all, have a great day.

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  1. Happy belated Birthday to Savannnah-beautiful family.
    Great friends too. You all are great at supporting each other.

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